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Study Plan to improve Foreign Languages (Korea and English degree course) before and after you come

Renu1973 2 / 2  
Feb 4, 2022   #1

This is my first time using EssayForm and I would like to hear your feedback
I had my friends reviewing it and to them, I am missing the "why" but when I shared it with a professional/paid service it seems that I have met the requirements. Therefore, I am really confused if my essay meets the requirements or not. I appreciate any type of feedback.

Study Plan essay

Before coming to korea
1- In 4 july 2021 I completed my First step Korean language course online in Coursea app as it provide a step by step learning system with some small tests after the lesson.

2- Duolingo is also a best learning tool for me where I learned the pronunciation of korean alphabets Hangul from the voice
3- Read some research papers written in english on my study and be accustomed to Vocabulary which is frequently used in it.

After Coming to South Korea
A-Aug2022- Feb2023
1- I will cherish the one year language Course and study hard. I will set up the series of study strategies such arrange a study schedule and strictly follow it.

2- Learn korean vocabularies- learn 10 new words per day. At the end of the month, I will already have enriched vocabulary by around 300 new words (10*30days), 600 in 2 months and so on.

3- Obtain a Topic 3 by the end of 2022.
4- Find out if the University where I study offers a Korea Buddy program where I can do one- on one language exchange with a korean student.

B- March2023- Aug2023
1- To improve mt spoken language and listening skills, I would like to watch television shows and movies which play with subtitles. Meanwhile, I will also read novels to learn new words and the grammar of the language.

2- Obtain a Topic level 4 or 5 to communicate decently with koreans in any kinds of setting before doing my graduate degree program.
3- I will start to prepare for the academic year by pre- reading the course material and research while I just take myself for a more academic professional Environment.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 13,214 4318  
Feb 4, 2022   #2
It is not advisable to use this outline form for your language study plan presentation. The reviewers will be assessing your conversational language abilities in written form. Therefore, the information must be presented in coherent and cohesive paragraph formations. The presentation only reflects ideas, but does not reveal much about your pre and post study processes at all.

I will start to prepare for the academic year by pre- reading the course material and research

This is not language related so you can remove this mention in totality when you write the study plan in essay form.

You do not need to respond to the "Why?" question in this essay because it is already obvious why you will be studying English and Hangul as a Korean student. The reviewer wants to know the "how" instead to show the seriousness of your application. The more familiar with Hangul you are, prior to coming to Korea, the more you can prove this by showing even a low scoring TOPIK certification from a testing center in your home country, the better it will be for your application.

What is missing from this essay is actually how you plan to improve your English language skills prior and upon arrival to Korea. These are the 2 mandatory languages that you need to be fluent in or at least, have a working knowledge of the language , upon your arrival in Korea. Being a foreign student in a strange country, you will have the opportunity to improve both language skills during the first year of your stay. Try to highlight both languages in your learning path if you can.
lzo_24 2 / 1  
Feb 5, 2022   #3
I think it's really good
Hiba21 1 / 2  
Feb 5, 2022   #4
Hi I didn't write mine yet. I've also watched a youtube video where the couselor gave a study plan example similar to yours. But pesonaly I think this type of structure don't give justice to your motivations . I do plan to write coherent paragraphs .You have seen my personal statement ,a gks succesful applicant read it and told me that I can also use in my study plan the paragraph where I talk about how korean will help me appreciate the unique culture and have good bonds with the people I will encounter during my stay in korea .
helloitsme - / 2  
Feb 15, 2022   #5
I think the outline that you want to deliver is good enough. However, I suggest you to wrote it in the coherent paragraph to make it more formal.

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