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Study Plan to improve foreign languages (Korean, English, etc) for KGSP, help me following my dreams

wawawhale 1 / -  
Oct 12, 2016   #1
Questions A: Study plans to improve foreign languages(Korean, English, etc) required for taking a bachelor's degree course BEFORE And AFTER you come to Korea.

It might be hyperbole if I said that I am a lucky person because I had a chance to know my dream and able to choose things by my own thought. I could remember pictures of my mother told English stories for me an every night. Nevertheless, she was either stimulated me which was the most efficient method that inspired my passion of English. And it also start my journey that include English and me travel together. From then Until now my English become my number one language that I have known for ages.

On the other hand, I was superficial knowing about Korean. My passion of Korea was inspired by my friends who loves Korean the most. With the power of love that was started my journey with Korean language. In my point of view I think that improving language we can improve languages with everything. My main idea of study plan Before I come to Korea are plan that can help me know a few basic steps about Korea and using some stuff in Korea even if I can't read. For example: Changing our Korean smart phones & electronic suppliants to change into language that you have wanted to improve. Next, by using unconscious learning method to help me remember words better by watching movies series or reading novels comics And even playing social networks all of these methods can make us remembered words or interesting things that we heard and read many times. My study plan I will apply this advice for sure when I go to Korea.

Later on After come to Korea I will bring some methods that I used apply in the method. For my biggest study plan that I am planning to teach who want to learn Thai language. With both study plan before and after come to Korea that I have proper abilities to learn in Korea. So that, I will be assured as like as the native Korean, which actually completely accomplish the goal of what we will get from the scholarship too.

Question B: Study plan for a bachelor's degree course (Please store the reason you choose such universities and departments (or majors), your academic goals, specific plans (including time line) to achieve them, and future plan after completion of your study. In case that preferred departments (or majors) of the preferred universities are different, please mention about them separately.)

Extracurricular in humans there was one of the main elements that can conclude for the most important element for humans survive. It was Language & Communication. Imagining picture of people not talking to others how can we supposed to know what they really want from us. With this subject make me choosing your choose the departure that specialized specific about in each country. When back In the times that you were only 7 years old or 6 or 8. The extracurricular are aim to let students to relax or do activities that you can relieve from the stress that accumulate all day lost in a while again. The extracurricular are curricular that you have to do, The extracurricular about dances are my curricular since I was Grade 10-11. I had got chances to perform at school festivals and On Grade 11 I win the best cheer leading trophy. All of my works and activities during high school almost are related to Language, communicating and management which these departments leading me to my dream career which was Guide tourists that can increase my future opportunities working.

When I was on grade 11 I had a chance to welcome The Foreign Guests that come to my school. I was chosen to be one of the guides that have to explained about our school. And I Have never been doing before. I can still remember the feeling of hand shook and my heart beat so fast that I think that. While I was explaining to the audience, I could know by myself that it didn't good enough. But doing for the first time, this was a good starter. As same as I thought, I didn't do good enough. From that day I am practice mistakes and I can break down all the mistakes that had done before. Learning from the mistakes making us being better and by many teachers. Which make me so proud and want to be a guide.

Many guests were disappointed. At the end the teacher advising about my mistakes. The confidence and reliability was the most important key that can make me about what can make you are a good guide. Learning from the mistakes making us being better and better. This words from my teacher are my best quote that I'm always saying to myself when I'm tired. This quote is the method that make me start to fight with the barriers and Can brought me to my achievement that I wanted. With this experience is my experience that teach me that I have to growing up. The result of following the quote are from then until now, I have been entrusted and chosen by many teachers about Being A Guide for Foreigner guests and explained about our school.

Although in the first it was hard, but practiced and modified yourself from the mistake are leading me to my achievement in being a good Guide.

Guide was like my dream career that I want to do or can say that it was my academic goal to be. One of the elements that make my academic linking with the universities and department of Language, Communication, Management that I was chosen.

I have preferred 3 universities with 3 departments (1 department for 1 universities). My first Choice is Sogang University study American & Culture, Han yang University study English language & literature and Kyung Hee University study Hotel management. With the excellence and the fame of these 3 universities about the college The language was getting may recognition from students. Starting with Sogang university and Han yang University's, both of 2 universities have a long history that collect many important data. With this reason making Sogang and Han yang universities are universities that I preferred to study. Last, Kyung Hee university which differ from the other departments. Around 2 months ago I accidentally see the passage which introduce about learning about hotel management. When I read it, I felt that this college are also interesting and I also can used my language communicate with many foreign tourists. Because of the reputation of Sogang U, Han yang U and Kyung Hee U.making entering to be one of your student are very tough. In this part who is not strengthened enough, have to missed this special chance. I imagine myself in the next 20 years completion from your universities and be able to follow up my dreams being a guide. Moreover, I could help my family admin our business. I see the brightly Future that waiting for me to reach them.

As an undergraduate and foreign students I was prerogative to find the experiences that teach me to grower and cold able to help my family, friend, neighbor and our country to be the better place. To applying scholarship I think that it like to be the first stage of audition students that have to be 100% proper with the scholarship that proper for only person. Thank you the earth that say cheer up words it was like water healing my heart. Those days were too harder to foreign student it shows you that you are certified and how responsible you are. I am cordially appreciated the committee's time in estimating my application and presenting me the opportunity to tell my journey. I expect to hearing from you soon.

(My grammar might not be very good, but Pls help me changing my study plan better than thr old one. Thank you.)
Adreanna - / 22 11  
Oct 12, 2016   #2
Hi wawawhale,

There are a lot of grammar mistakes in your essay, but you should work on the essay content before moving to them. It's like creating a backbone for your work - and decoration could come later.

I won't be able to help you with rewriting the essay as it would be your work to make the essay all about you, but i could give you questions to the tackle the current weakness of it.


From then Until now my English become my number one language that I have known for ages.
Do you mean that you won't need to practice English if you are selected because you have known it well already? If you mean to do so, you might need to prove either you are a native speaker, or you do have flawless English. And, by flawless English, it mean your SOP should show a good command of English (grammar, essay development idea, etc.). I suggest not to skip this English study plan if it is a part of a English taught program.

Also, be very careful of random capital letter. It happens quite regularly in your essay.

My passion of Korea was inspired by my friends who loves Korean the most
The question did not ask why you are in love with Korea, but they ask about your study plan if undertaking a course there.

In my point of view I think that improving language we can improve languages with everything
Using "i think" make your statement a bit weak. You could use "i believe" instead.

My main idea of study plan Before I come to Korea
verb choice: be careful because it sounds like you are certain of getting the scholarship and go to Korea very soon.

In term of study plan, you should have a time frame for your action - and make it as measurable as possible. For example:
Get TOPIK 1 after the first semester studying in Uni XXXX + explanation on how to get the degree (study which class, communicate with which kind of people to improve speaking ability, read what kind of book to improve reading skill, etc.)


The main questions are:
- What are your chosen institutions?
- Why did you choose them?
- Your study plan?
- Your plan after completion of the course?

You did not answer directly the questions so it make your essay a bit hard-to-follow. I suggest you divide this question into 4 paragraphs, each of them answer one of the above questions respectively.

Also, it seems that you want to become a tourist guide (not guide tourist :) ) but you have chosen Hotel Management to study. Did you read the degree's guideline carefully because as far as i know, they are two different fields. If you want to be a tour guide, you should study Tourism Management, but not Hotel Management/ Hospitality.

ecause of the reputation of Sogang U, Han yang U and Kyung Hee U
Next, do not use abbreviation randomly. I suppose that "U" mean "University"

Moreover, I could help my family admin our business
Why your family needs your help? What are they doing now, what is their trouble? Does the trouble related to money or to tourism industry that you want to be part of?

Just it for now. There are more to go but i believe you should start with above things first. If there is anything else i could help, feel free to let me know.

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