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Study Plan, From Interior to Industrial design

SiiaBirill 3 / 11 4  
Mar 2, 2017   #1
Hello everyone,
this is Study Plan draft. My issue is that I am a bit confused with the subject of research. How to explain it well. I'm an Interior architecture and Industrial design is less familiar.

I'm applying via embassy toward 3 universities.
Writing is not my cup of tea, and I realy hope to get you assistance in structure, grammar and etc. )
Thank you so much for reading my essay

Goal of study & Study Plan

Goal of study, title or subject of research, and detailed study plan

I had a decision to start my Master degree in the Industrial Design due to growing interest at this major. Since, most of my bachelor degree subjects were Interior Architecture and Design, I was specified in the knowledge of generation structural, constructional and integrated building systems, also, understanding the problem of social, public spaces and many other architectural features. I worked on user and space relationships, however, I had less comprehension what is Industrial Design and what is product-user linkage. Fortunately, my experience of relative Industrial design course made me extremely inspired. Since, I am concerned about disabled people, combination of the new major subject knowledge and my background education of Interior Architecture certainly will broad my perspectives regarding user issues of disabilities.

During my educational process, I would like to explore new design methods and applications that will lead to the comprehension of human needs. Undoubtedly, technology became a main catalyst in design development. Hence, my project will be in the relation of assistance and support people of disabilities. Equally, I will be concerned about children and old age people.

Industrial design has many classifications as household appliances, robotic, computer and information technology, healthcare and so on. The advancement in technology granted us with many possibilities. One of the recent is a map application which was designed for the visually impaired, (to provide audio to the wearer), guiding them through traffic and enabling them to use public transport. This is an instance and idea, which I will be concerned in Master degree. As a designers, for first we need to define a problem and afterword, bring the possible answer to it. How to assist and guide people in problematical situations, how to bring safety, supportive and educational characteristics into the product of the design. This all will be my crucial subject into research and practice . Therefore , for further step I choose an industrial design language to support people with disabilities via technology.

I am inclined that subject above is one of the topical modern world interest. Although, people started dealing with this issue quite recently, I have hight hopes that works on this field will lead people to humanity and awareness of other's needs. Side effects of relevant study can be applied in the field of healthcare as a supportive healthcare product, safety as an indicator or detector, or in the educational process such as audio/visual interaction for disabled people.

By researching this subject, I will be honoured to study and to dedicate my knowledge, abilities toward university wich disclose knowledge of engineering, technology, and human behaviour. I strongly believe that exploring this subject in Korean universities is an a grate chance to comprehend all design and technical features.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 11,566 3753  
Mar 3, 2017   #2
Anastasiia, in order to properly develop an accurate goal of study and study plan, you first need to have an idea in mind for your project. How do you develop your project idea? First you need to have an issue or problem to resolve. Since you are focusing on the technology of things that can make life easier for the senior citizens, not old age people, and the handicapped, then you should find a common problem between the two groups that you can address via further research or technological development as a graduate student. For example, a common problem is that these people have a problem when it comes to bringing their groceries in from their cars. So your solution will be to develop a machine that uses technology to get the groceries from the car and take the bags into the house. Develop a thesis statement around the problem and propose a solution to it. Explain the method by which you will conduct the research, and how you hope it will help those who need the machine in the future. That will cover the required elements of the study plan / goal of study.

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