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Study plans for greater language skills (Korean, English) required for taking a bachelor's degree

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Sep 30, 2017   #1
BEFORE I come to Korea.
Learning a foreign language is a delight and so I consider it a positive challenge to meet this requirement, therefore, between October, 2017 and January, 2018 I will undergo an online course at udemy that teaches Korean language. I have also begun follow up with the suggested site sejonghakdang. In addition I have also downloaded a mobile application that helps in translation and pronunciation of the Korean language, I strongly believe that all these will give a basic foundation to improve my understanding of the language prior to my coming to Korea.

After I come to Korea.
Spelling and Pronunciation: I will meet with student with higher understanding and also ask for guidance on any pronunciation or spelling that may be difficult. I write on a small card words that I need to memorize and I will pronounce them during my private study. I will also spend 1 hour each day with a Korean course mate to assist in my understanding.

Audio Devices: I will get an audio device as well as listen to pre-recorded conversations to help me pick up the rhythm of speech.
Reading Materials: I will get an English-Korean dictionary and well as purchasing and reading books, novels, newspaper and magazines as this will improve my vocabulary.

Communication: I will ensure to practice what I have learnt by communicating with the people around in the language. I plan to make lots of friends and only communicate to them in Korean which I think will help enhance my communication level by a lot. I have made it my personal goal to reach level 5 in the TOPIK examination at the end of my Korean Language course by always staying dedicated and focused on my studies, I will always review my school work after each lesson and always ask for help from my teachers when I need it.

Teaching: I know that I can become better when I teach someone; this will also be part of my plan, I will be available to teach anyone who may require my assistance in any area in which I am more knowledgeable than he or she in the language.

I am optimistic that on following through with this plan, I will improve even more rapidly and become more proficient and fluent in the foreign language.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 11,989 3871  
Oct 1, 2017   #2
John, this is a good plan, but your presentation is wanting. You need to present these in actual paragraph format, expanding in most areas that fall short of a proper explanation of your plans. Those are the plans that only have 2 sentences in them. The method by which you will accomplish these are too short. Almost as if you are unsure about how you plan to really implement this so you are saying little by way of explanation in an effort to cover the fact that you really don't have an adequate plan for that action. Your "Before" plans should indicate that your plans are ongoing and not "about to happen". The before aspect requires that you already have some sort of language background in Hangul and you will just be continuing upon that education once you get to Korea. Your number of months indicated for the before study plan is inadequate and you will not even have a total basic grasp of such a complicated language structure by then. Just indicate that your language lessons are ongoing in order to better indicate your current Hangul capacity. If you need to cover your tracks, as you do here, then you best do it in a believable manner. The after plan needs to be better developed and should include a social growth aspect to your language learning. The way you present your plans makes you seem like you think yourself better than the other Koreans or students studying Hangul. Try to be more open instead of solitary in your language lessons. Remember, you need those friends more than they need you in order to improve your language skills.
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Oct 1, 2017   #3
Holt, I appreciate your prompt response, I will work on the essay as regards what you've said. Thanks

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