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Studying In The UK and my choice of masters programs

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Aug 18, 2019   #1

marketing/management courses selection

Over the course of my career in denim fabric R&D, I have developed a number of innovative products and gained a lot of technical knowledge and experience. Now I wish to couple this technical experience with practical knowledge of business management to gain an in- depth understanding of the consumer and retail aspect of the business. Therefore, a masters in business management or related field would help me gain a broader perspective about how global markets function across all sectors.

Keeping this in mind my first course choice is M.Sc in Marketing from The University of Manchester. Apart form the excellent global reputation of this university, the most attractive feature of this course is that it offers a specialist pathway in Consumer Behavior which allows companies to tailor their product and marketing strategies according to the consumer. Since this area of marketing is relatively unexplored in my country most companies are unable to expand their costumer base locally and internationally. Equipped with this knowledge I intent to introduce innovative and globally effective marketing practices in my country specially in the fashion retail sector with which I have worked closely in the past few years. I also plan to create awareness about consumer behavior among business students and professionals by conducting lectures, workshops and seminars in Pakistani educational institutions.

My second course choice is M.Sc in Marketing Management Practice. I have chosen this course because it has a strong focus on the practical applications of marketing concepts and strategies. This program could benefit me by providing me practical knowledge of the dynamics of global markets and the actual challenges faced by the business world. Moreover, the University of Sheffield attracts a large number of international students and faculty members, which will allow me to form friendships and professional networks not only in UK but all over the world. These networks can help me work for the benefit of my country by facilitating international collaborations and exchange of knowledge later in my career. This multi-cultural learning environment would also help me understand the business environment in countries other than the UK, meaning that this masters program would be a truly global educational experience.

My third choice is MS in Management from the University of Glasgow, which is among the most prestigious universities not only in Scotland but in the UK as well. I believe that this degree will help me gain a holistic understanding of of business practices as well as strategies involved in managing businesses and organizations on a global level. Equipped with this knowledge I would work to implement such modern and effective practices in organizations in my country where very few organizations are abreast with latest developments in management strategies and are running businesses in a typical old school way.

In short, I plan to apply my knowledge and international networks to transform and innovate business practices in my country which will help business and entrepreneurship to thrive which in turn will make a positive contribution to the economy.

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Aug 18, 2019   #2
essay is good but i think the connection between all the preferred choices is missing.

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