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Studying in UK - I choose these three Innovation and Entrepreneurship programs

taufikadytia 1 / -  
Nov 7, 2018   #1

Study in UK

I come from a country with only 3.1% entrepreneurs from the total population. In order to provide job vacancies for everyone who needs it, I am fascinated to continue my master in UK considering the fact that big players in business come from this country. Moreover, UK is the melting pot of the world where I can learn a lot about business and its culture. I could meet global students and share experiences especially in business area.

Based on the consideration above, I choose these three programs:

1. Innovation and Entrepreneurship program at the University of Warwick,. It is top 3 university in UK for Innovation and Entrepreneurship program. The program designed for entrepreneurs is an exciting program that shares the mind-set, tools and techniques to turn an idea into a business. With many practical course, I could learn to apply best-practice approaches to design, develop, and run my own innovation-driven, global oriented business. The practical program covers the process from generating new business, developing and refining ideas, as well as designing the infrastructure to launch a business. It implements the latest methods and technologies to support these processes that lead to extensive opportunity to develop and practice my skills to make appropriate judgements in business development.

2. Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Practice at University of Lancaster since it is Top 10 university in UK for innovation and entrepreneurship program. I want to study here because this program emphasizes the combination of theoretical and practical experience. Moreover, The students will encounter many real cases in business that must be solved and given solutions. Furthermore, The Research Project is the culmination of my studies and allows me to develop a project around my own interests. I can choose between two types of project: a company project which will provide valuable skills and experience for my future career or allow you to draw a full business plan for a potential new venture. I choose the second one because I really want to make a business that can give huge impact to many people.

3. Innovation and Entrepreneurship program at Newcastle University. I choose this program because I am interested in building strong network with all students in UK and this program also has good network with industries and experienced entrepreneurs. This provides us with a setting to start a business and engage to real projects with regional stakeholders.

I choose those three programs because they are related to my major before, Entrepreneurship . It will help me improve my skill and broaden my perspective in business world. Moreover, this program is very crucial because students are expected to be successful entrepreneurs.

All in all, being an entrepreneur is not only about making money, but also creating value to help people improve their lives. I hope I can earn practical experience through this program and also expand my network for future collaborations for my business. Hopefully, through my business, I can give huge impact not only to my country but also to the world.
Holt [Contributor] - / 7,660 1998  
Nov 8, 2018   #2
Taufik, this essay is not as good as it should be in the sense that you have not informed the reviewer about how these courses will be applied to your actual small to medium scale enterprise. Rather than indicating information about entrepreneurship rates in your country, you should be discussing how your personal business practices will be improved by these courses. That means you have to discuss your business philosophy along with your motivation to seek higher entrepreneurship studies. All I read about in this paper is how you will be better trained as a businessperson. Being better trained is one thing, knowing the actual application to your future business is another. It is the future application, in a real sense that is missing from this essay. It isn't just about plans, it is about actual implementation of what you will be learning in the pursuit of developing your personal entrepreneurship that should be the highlight of the course and university choice discussions.

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