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Studying hanguel - I am writing this laguage study plan for gks

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Feb 1, 2022   #1


Before coming to korea:- I have been studying hanguel since 2021 and completed full officail books like Kingsejong book 1 and 2 and Sogang book 1 from certified korean proffesor who has done MA in hanguel. This makes my korean basics clear and upto mark as it was taught without romanisation. By studying these books made my vocabulary, grammar and words placement strong. As hanguel language has same sentence formation as XX language of mine its very easy for me to form sentence and think and speak in hanguel . For more help I listen to korean podcasts , I read blogs on naver, I watch korean cartoons ( which includes excessive body movements). I also give TOPIK mock tests available on different websites I am starting self study of level 3 because i can read fluently plus i am now good at understanding meanings too im refurbishing my vocabulaty too my hanguel writing needs more practice so im focussing on that too. As for English i have done my schooling and undergraduate program from english medium which makes me fluent in learning writing and speaking english. As living in metropolitian city is full of race and comparrison the people evrywhere speaks english with fellow people this made my academic english skills more strong and made english as my second language I know 3 languages more so this makes me multilingual and good new language acer. As for english betterment my phone setup, my newspaper, my books , novels , show I watch and my surrounding everything is in english language making me a strong english speaker.

After coming to korea after coming to korea I will start level 3 officially and by the end of the program i intented to give TOPIK level 5 exam and pass. In the meantime of program I'll join hanguel language program club, cultural events held inside or outside the university, travel with native speakers and continue reading ,writing and speaking korean with native speakers which will aid to my fluency. I also intend to attend public seminars and webinars which will make my experience more vast and helpfull. As for Englsih i still want to read more novels and manhwas plus blogs and hear Tedtalks which will develop more good sense of english fluency as my academic program is international ill have many international fellow mates which will boost my language fluency more and i intend too give IELTS exam and score 7.5 in thats exam.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 12,846 4176  
Feb 1, 2022   #2
Believe me when I tell you that you should not be making any claims as to English proficiency whether it be spoken or written because, this essay is the only proof that the reviewer needs to realize that you are lying about that aspect of the presentation. It is horribly written in English and contains bad grammar, improper sentence structure, and do not even get me started on the improper word usage.

My suggestion, is that if you are truly fluent enough in Hangul, then please, do yourself a favor and write this essay in fluent Hangul instead. It is the only chance you will have to show the reviewer that you actually have some sort of proficiency in at least one of the two languages. If you are not confident that you can write the whole essay in Hangul either, then please, hire a professional writer to clean up this mess of an essay. Trust me, you need professional help to improve this presentation. The problems in this presentation cannot be fixed / corrected using a free service. Do not worry about anybody copying your work. They would be fools to do so since this type of writing will not make it past the screening and assessment round.

I was going to suggest making a reference to taking language proficiency certification tests, which are a considerable part of the assessment process but, based on what I have read here, you are not prepared to take any sort of language proficiency test.
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Feb 2, 2022   #3
Hi there! It's great to see someone who is applying for the same program I tried to apply for 2 years ago hehe. I'll try my best to provide useful feedback!

As mentioned by Holt, I agree that you would need to fix your grammar in writing this essay or even the other required writings as there's a possibility that the reviewer will think twice about actually considering you for the scholarship. Aside from that, as your writing is worrisome, you should also practice your speaking and the reviewer of this scholarship will definitely interview should you be shortlisted.

Back to the writing, I believe you should be more structured. As of now, it seems your main points are all over the place. I suggest that you separate the paragraphs in discussing your English and Korean proficiency.

Good luck!

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