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Studying in UK is a life changing experience - Chevening Essay

Hodhod 4 / 2  
Nov 1, 2017   #1

uk study choices

I was initially attracted to the healthcare sector especially the business aspect when first exposed to pharmaceutical marketing and promotion coursework while studying my bachelor degree in pharmacy. So, after graduation, I worked as a product specialist in the commercial division at Pfizer Company and meanwhile I got my marketing diploma in international marketing from Eslsca business school to develop my business and management skills. During my work in the healthcare field, I have identified many challenges faced by patients, ministry of health, pharma companies and healthcare delivery systems. With my strong root in the healthcare field, I will expand my field with the knowledge of healthcare management.

I chose to study MSc health management from the City University of London because City University is ranked 1st in London for health professions. In addition to this, the University provides a welcoming environment with vast opportunities such as placements, projects, internship opportunities and guest speakers who have a grasp on the future trends across the health sector. It is the school that will allow me to acquire the necessary skills and qualifications to manage the healthcare systems for I am interested in mainly learning all about health innovation, economic evolution and health management consultancy.

The second choice is MSc international health management at Imperial College business school because Imperial is a world-leading university in healthcare research and teaching. One of its core modules is entrepreneurship that will help to develop my own healthcare business opportunity into a fully-fledged pitch to investors and this will help me a lot in establishing my own healthcare management consulting firm in the future, as I am aspiring to improve society by applying innovative solutions to challenges in the healthcare sector.

My third choice is MSc healthcare operational management at Warwick University because the university has WMG (Warwick Manufacturing Group) which is one of the largest academic departments at the University of Warwick, located in the Faculty of Science. WMG currently has over 400 academic and research staff working across a wide range of sectors including healthcare and pharmaceutical, and this offers a wide and global network of contacts that will enormously support me during my work in the management consulting field, as the networking is highly important in consulting. My personal contacts and reputation can make a huge difference to my career progression.

Surely, studying at one of these top-notch institutions will provide me with on job experience, qualitative and quantitative skills that will help me to advance my career forward and take it to a new horizon in the healthcare consulting field

skhaor 5 / 8 2  
Nov 1, 2017   #2
I think you need a sentence in the last of your first paragraph that describe why you choose to continue your study and expand your field, because it feels like something missing between paragraph 1 and 2
tkhuong 1 / 1 1  
Nov 1, 2017   #3
I think in your first paragraph you might explain clearer why do you passionate about healthcare, might be its value/impact to community, and why do want to learn about healthcare management instead of others. From my viewpoint, learning and working about healthcare and management cannot say enough about your interest.

You should focus on researching each university's characteristics, justifying its modules, professors and something that make them different from each other and attract you, how do they relate directly to your academic background or career goasl. Don't only mention to ranking or general things that can easily be seen in all universities.
Holt [Contributor] - / 9,719 3062  
Nov 2, 2017   #4
Mohamed, there is no real career objective in mind in relation to your university and course choices. You claim to have been exposed to the many challenges faced by the multifaceted members of the healthcare field and yet, you failed to deliver an example of at least one of these problems in accordance with your university course choices.

Your essay is weak because it does not consider what problems will be addressed by each university choice. What your interests in learning are differ from the actual profession related problems that you hope to address with each course. You spend too much time discussing irrelevant information such as the ranking of the university and who owns it. The reviewer already knows all of that because he is from the UK. Instead, you should be focusing on creating a believable argument for your enrollment in any of the courses. Base the justification on workplace related concerns in order to properly address the prompt requirement regarding how your work background has prepared you to study each course choice.

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