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Essay for Studying In UK_Chevening Scholarship; statistics survey in Development Issues - Indonesia

Ananta 4 / 8 1  
Oct 30, 2018   #1
Please help me with my Studying in UK Essay. Thanks a lot :)

career as a project leader in statistics

As a Statistics Graduate from Indonesia Institute of Statistics that belongs to Statistics of Indonesia, I learned statistics as my academic background for the basic knowledge at work. After working at Statistics Indonesia and getting involved in census & surveys activities, I realize that I should not only have Statistics skill but also the ability to understand the theory and practical knowledge of the project itself. One of the goals for those Census & Surveys are to measure data in order to evaluate the achievement of Indonesia Development Goals. So, having master degree for Development field is the best choice to balance my previous education as a Statistician in order to understand the challenges of Development Goals related to many surveys and census that I am involved.

My first choice is Social Development Practice at The University College London (UCL). The programme objectives are to give a solid grounding in social analysis skills and perspectives, inequality and social change processes. It would introduce me to critical, analytical and practical skills that will be of use in my Statistics Development social project. Since we hold surveys and census mostly in Social Issues which are related to poverty, gender issues, disaster, mobility etc and this datum are crucial for Indonesia Development, so it will be beneficial for me in order to understand the Social Development Knowledge. Moreover, this programme also provides international fieldwork group as a practical research-based that would be helpful to draw the various elements of the degree.

The second choice is Poverty, Inequality and Development at the University of Birmingham. This program enables me to study development with a specific on poverty and inequality, both key aspects of current development policy discourse. Statistics Indonesia releases poverty figures in March 2018 about 9,82% of the total population which is 25,95 million Indonesians are now categorized as poor. Moreover, there are dozens of millions Indonesian who live just above the poverty line. This course will help me to enable critical evaluation of how well sociological understanding of development inform the social analysis of poverty and inequality, as well as what implications this might have for development policy. This programme also provides specific compulsory module to examine different approaches to defining and measuring poverty and inequality. It will be beneficial for me to analyze the survey, the methodology and the output we provide from our project related to poverty and inequality so the measurement of poverty and inequality rate would be more relevant and accurate.

My third option is Global Development at the University of Leeds. This course offers key issues surrounding global development, such as inequality, gender, and other various aspects of development practice. I will also review strategies, programmes and policies in Development that will be beneficial for me having a career as a Development Consultant as well. Graduating from one of these three courses would help me to develop my professional career as project leader for national scale statistics survey in Development Issues.

Alaa Badawi 4 / 5  
Oct 31, 2018   #2
Your write-up is good. I would suggest a strong conclusion separated from the third choice including your future goals, your big dream, and how the master, in general, will help you achieve it.

Good Luck :)
OP Ananta 4 / 8 1  
Nov 1, 2018   #3
Thanks alot for your review on my essay, I'm working on revising it.
I would love to hear from Ms @Holt regarding my essay as well. Thank you so much :)
Holt [Contributor] - / 9,531 2963  
Nov 1, 2018   #4
Sherly, the presentation is good but with a slight edit required. Remove the data about the poverty statistics in Indonesia that you presented in the second university choice discussion. The reviewer does not require that information. He just needs to know how the course applies to your job. The data about poverty is irrelevant because the masters course you will be studying does not focus on Indonesia alone. Just skip that part and go directly to the professional application instead. The last line of the third course option should be separated to indicate the start of your concluding paragraph. Add more information after that sentence, about 2-3 sentences more ought to help close the essay on a strong note. Try to close the essay with a hopeful note that indicates your desire to be chosen as a candidate based on your sense of nationalism and desire to help your country develop beyond its current status.

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