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Dylavenda 1 / -  
Jan 23, 2019   #1
Dear All, I am from Cambodia and I am going to Apply for Australia Award next year intake so i want you to give some comments and feedback about my writing for the required supporting statement. Thank you!

Supporting Statement for Australia Award Scholarship

Academically, I have made the considerable milestones that help concentrating my residual energy and confidence on my goal in life, which is able to taking part in Cambodia Development. By seeing the state of

lacking commitment in constructing a good quality and low cost of infrastructures, I have found that pursuing my Master Degree of Construction Project Management in UNSW or University of Melbourne, Australia can get me gain the competency, modern management methodologies and principle of project management which I can apply them across the different phases of the construction project development life-cycle.

On the other hand, regarding my academic background and expertise of Construction field, I am confident that I can really make my study goes smoothly. In 2008, I was awarded a full scholarship for undergraduate program in Civil Engineering in Shandong University in P.R China. In Shandong University, my effort in learning particularly on subjects such as Construction Management, Operation & Projects and more had earned me a good grade for my academic year. In addition, my working experiences in both previous and current companies have also earned me a mature knowledge and work attitude for my career life-cycle.

Lastly, on the learning environment aspect, I learn that the Construction Project Management in Australia diversified programs comprising of many well-known professors, and outstanding students from different ethnic background. Involving in active learning in this platform will enable me to widen my knowledge with a global perspective of management and strengthening my technical skill. Furthermore, my intent is to build strong network, share experiences and raise discussion with the future professional project manager. I personally believe that the network and skills that I develop from this program will be the starting-point of my professional career. My ambitious wish is to learn the Australian expertise and perspective to implement in Cambodia.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,692 3498  
Jan 24, 2019   #2
Dylan, your essay can use with some content editing. Please focus your academic goals, developed skills, and professional ambitions as the main reasons that you chose the university. The question is asking you to justify the relevance of the course you have chosen and the university curriculum with your current professional skills, required theoretical and practical skills advancement, and future professional plans. These are information that lack discussion and presentation in this current version of the essay. The fact that you were previously awarded a scholarship is of no importance to this presentation because you were given a scholarship by a different foundation, which looks for different requirements and accomplishments from their potential sponsored students.

You are constantly changing the discussion course in this current version of your essay which is why there is no real clarity behind your reasons for choosing this particular course and university to study your masters course at. Tell the reviewer what sets this university aside from the others and why their teaching process is one that cannot be duplicated by other universities you have considered.