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Sustainable Networking to enhance your Oceanography skill since juvenile - CHEVENING

geniavf 2 / 2  
Oct 7, 2021   #1

Networking essay for Chevening

This is my second Chevening essay for Networking, and I think that networking is an important role to show the world the skill you had. Hope you can help me with this essay. Thank you.

Networking is an essential thing owned by everyone because it can bring benefits in the future. Even with networking, we can open our access to the world that appears to be unreachable previously. We can build networking in college because during this time are closer to the professional world. Given that, I start to assemble my networking during my first year of college with my lecturer, which is to develop sustainable networking with them even though someday I will no longer be a student at the university.

The first thing I did to develop networking with my lecturers was to become a Research Assistant for several courses, such as Modelling of Oceanography and Sea Currents. By becoming one of these research assistants, my lecturers regularly pick me to be part of their project where my job desk is processing raw data of ocean currents to produce current modelling that later needs to be analyzed.

There was a situation where we were working on a project on ocean wave modelling using programming. However, because there are no experts in the field from my university, the Research Assistant team is having a hassle building the programming that needs to be analyzed later. It makes me take the initiative to invite the lecturer in charge to bring someone who is indeed an expert in the field. After a public lecture attended by some of the professional Oceanographers, I was able to build networking in more large-scale areas, which provided many benefits because I could get bunches of input on the marine issues that were happening in the world.

The networking continued until one of the Research Associates of The Republic Indonesian Ministry of Marine Affairs & Fisheries became my thesis supervisor with the theme of Upwelling in the Indian Ocean, where research continues to this day. The research funded by DIPA APBN FY 2021 for Marine Research Centers, was presented at the International Conference in August 2021. There are also still two related topics that are still in the process of publication. Thus, in another sense, the networking I built earlier is sustainable and produces new networking with other experts in The Republic Indonesian Ministry of Marine Affairs &Fisheries. Even from the International Conference conducted earlier, I built networking again with experts in the marine field from various agencies and can open the opportunity to do joint research if there are interesting topics to discuss. It will be beneficial for me from this point forward if I need help or direction from experts in the marine field.

Networking that I built during college up to the present time will make it easier for the Chevening alumna who has the same interest in environmental issues to conduct joint research in marine and related fields include climate change and renewable energy because they have access to the experts.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 11,700 3784  
Oct 10, 2021   #2
I was able to build networking in more large-scale areas

There is no actual reference of network building here. How did you meet the speaker? How was the relationship cultivated? simply stating a network was built does not make itsv.

to develop networking with my lecturers was to become a Research Assistant for several courses

This is not a networking skill. It is actually a job requirement for research assistants. It cannot be used as a networking reference.

The networking continued

How? There is no evidence of seminars attended , conferences completed, notackle meetings taking place. The networking is always implied but never justified. This is a networking essay that does not have any networking involved. The simplest of which would be a friend introducing you to a person who also became your friend thus creating a future useful network.

International Conference in August 2021

Where you participated as and met who ?

It is the reference to how the network was built and maintained, how these will benefit the program scholars past, present, and future, that make thin essay unusable.
Yanti 3 / 12  
Oct 12, 2021   #3
Try to using STAR (Situation, Task, Action and Result) Method . Try to share one or two real examples of building new relationships during volunteering/work place experience , and explain how you will contribute to the Chevening Alumni network

Hopefully it will help, @Yanti
Guest /  
Oct 13, 2021   #4
Network is a two-way relationship stuff in which both parties benefit. One thing i noticed in your essay is that, you are not clear on how this network helped both parties, which is you and your lecturers. Further, the skills you learnt from the network, how are you using them?

You should also highlight on that because this will show how you will use those skills to help Chevening.

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