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Swarz scholars statement of purpose (500 words)

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Sep 6, 2019   #1

Describe your professional interests and goals and how the program connects with your professional trajectory:

o What particular social, cultural, business, policy, or global issue is your focus of interest? What are the major factors driving
change on this issue?
o Why are you dedicated to this issue, and what is your vision to lead positive impact in the future?
o How will the Schwarzman Scholars program and a deeper knowledge of China's role in the world advance your goals?

As a first class graduate of food science, a course which covers such areas as food safety, security and prevention of food borne hazards, as well as post-harvest losses using the instrumentation of science and technology. My candid view is that the world can be prevented from hunger and all forms of hardship through the provision of good quality food, water, healthcare, shelter and clothing using the knowledge of technology. In line with this, l have an interest which correlates with the objectives of the global strategy of reducing risk factors for chronic diseases that stem from unhealthy diets and physical inactivity through public health actions and increasing awareness, as well as understanding the influence of diet and physical activity on health and the positive impact of preventive interventions. I equally have a keen interest in contributing to the united nation's 2030 sustainable development goal of zero hunger.

According to the World health Organization, 12.9% of the world is undernourished with about 33-35% of this value found in Sub-Saharan Africa. The major cause of this includes poverty, social and political instability, war, natural disaster, Illiteracy and poor governance. This statistics supports the 2017 Global Hunger Index which shows that 52 out of the 119 countries analyzed still suffer from extreme level of hunger with more than 15 of those in Africa. As a graduate student in Nigeria where poverty level is high and coming from a family with a low income and standard of living, my experience of suffering from hunger and lack of quality food is a major drive propelling my interest to becoming trained and skilled in the policy and management of food security or food safety and hygiene as a Schwartzman scholar.

The solutions to the eradication and prevention of global hunger is diverse as its problems. Agriculture is key and the sector needs to be made lucrative enough to attract skilled and unskilled personnel. In the short term, prevention of pre and post-harvest loses can be attained by providing adequate storage facilities and sensitization of local farmers on the use of modern farming techniques and materials. Processing of perishable foods as well as usage of excellent packaging and distribution network to mention a few are of great importance. Long term goal is to provide a global business network involving local farmers, food specialists, and industries for the purpose food security, safety and hygiene.

In conclusion, China's role in achieving the No two (Zero global hunger 2030) of the seventeen sustainable development goals cannot be overstated. With only nine percent of the globe's arable land, China feeds twenty percent of the world population. Since 2011 China's National nutrition improvement program has helped over 36million students in rural areas. African countries plagued by conflict and hunger have also benefitted from Chinese aids and expertise over the years. With the opportunity and relationships between China and the world provided by schwarzman scholar program, attaining the skills and the platform to achieve my dreams is a possibility.

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Sep 9, 2019   #2
I am impressed with the write up. In the last paragraph, China's role was well explained but how it advance your goal was not clear. you should put in more points.
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Sep 10, 2019   #3
Thank you so much for the feed back @Alasa.. I also think i can made the conclusion more interesting than that.

I would love if @holt can also comment on this . I am a big fan

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