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Teaching context outline and an action plan containing measures to benefit a community

-outline briefly your teaching context
-submit an action plan of what you would do to benefit your community with particular reference to in-service training

This is an essay to apply for a scholarship to join the annual conference in ELT (English Language Teaching) next year in the UK.

Posting multiple essays in different threads = suspension.

scholarship application letter

My name is Dany and I live in Kediri, Indonesia. I have loved English since I was a child because my family used to teach me English and I had been exposed to the language with cartoons, movies and songs. I performed well at school and these led me to study at English department in one of the best universities in Indonesia, Universitas Negeri Malang. Now I hold a degree in both English Literature and Education and have been teaching for three years at EF English First, the company that owns one of the English centers where I used to study.

I teach mostly young learners but I also have teenagers as well adults pupils. I teach various skills and wide range of materials using EF's curriculum and external supporting materials such as course books like New Cutting Edge and New English File. Using various techniques that I have learned from EF trainings and self-study that I do, we practice English skills and discuss the topics from the book where we use English as the medium of instruction and communication wholly. I love teaching English since I feel satisfied seeing my students improve their skills and gain confidence as well as become more prepared in their life in the future. This way I can help to contribute to my community and country.

Upon my return, I am planning to conduct training to my colleagues at EF. I plan to attend the talks related to teaching methods and references about learners difficulties and special needs students such as students with autism spectrum disorder, students who are dyslexic and students who has deficit attention. I will have learned plethora of new knowledge from the conference and they will provide me an insight of refreshed ideas and skills in teaching that will be helpful to disseminate to my colleagues. Those are the problems that we face at the moment since we have limited knowledge about them and it results our teaching practice not to be prepared for those challenges.

I will share what I will have learned by doing workshops for my colleagues. At EF, each teacher has opportunities to do workshops bimonthly to share their best practices and challenges and get feedbacks from everyone. This will be a great time to promote IATEFL's scholarships as well as its activities so that hopefully more teachers will interested to join.

Thank you for the opportunity. Hopefully I will make it.

Jul 7, 2017   #2
Dany, your action plan for teaching upon your return is admirable and well suited to your line of work. However, your teaching context is muddled by the extensive presentation of your background regarding the English language. You don't need to outline your love for the language and your training in the field. When a "teaching context" is required, what you need to discuss is the current environment that you have to deal with in teaching the English language. In what context or method do you currently teach English? Would you consider it effective or not? If not, then why do you not consider it effective? After you present your teaching context, you can then indicate that these are the problems that you hope to fix upon your successful advanced studies in this course. The action plan will then present itself as the possible resolutions that you hope to enact upon your return to your workplace. Make sure that the problems you present will be related to or solvable by your advanced studies otherwise the teaching context portion will not be effective. You need to represent (for the teaching context):

1. Where you are teaching
2. What your position is and how long you have had the position
3. The problems you encountered that frustrated you when it came to teaching English to your students.

Try to bear in mind that you have to present the learner- generated context in terms that relate to the difficulties that you have in trying to teach English to your students. The relationship between your teaching context and the learner generated context should successfully combine to better support your action plan upon your return.
Jul 14, 2017   #3
Dany, you should always revise your essay in totality to suit the prompts of the new university that you are applying to. That means that the information that you must present should be relevant to the questions or instructions given. That said, you merely repeated your first paragraph from your previous essay that had a similar requirement. Change it. You do not need to discuss your childhood at all in this essay. Expand instead, the discussion that you have about how you use interactive technology when teaching your students. That is the point that best responds to the first instruction you were given. The second half of your essay in response to the second question is acceptable. It falls within the required parameters and does not need to be revised or edited in any way.

Do not waste space and time in your essay by presenting unnecessary information. If you do not present the required information within the first 2 sentences, chances are that the reviewer will disregard your essay completely and lower your chances of admission. So always open with a direct response, specially in a case of an outlined statement like this one. There are 2 questions so you need to present only 2 paragraphs. Nothing more, nothing less. Stop repeating the same introduction in your next essays please. If you continue to do that, I will no longer give you advice on how to improve your essay because you keep making the same mistakes over and over again. There are other students here that learn from the advice that is given to them and do not constantly repeat the same mistakes. It is obvious that you are incapable of learning from the advice given to you.
Thank you @Holt.

First of all I want to explain that I am a bit confused since it seems that this thread is merged with my old thread though actually they are two different essays (but pretty similar). The difference is only that this essay requires me to say something related to technology while the previous one (the one that you commented earlier) doesn't. I think the system thinks that I post the same thing twice causing me to get a warning for a suspension.

I had revised the first one but unfortunately it hadn't been checked, so I decided to post my other essay (which is in this thread), but I believe this is not the one that I pasted from my draft. This is completely the very first of my essay that was commented by DoctorWho and you and was closed since I was required to make a new thread.

This is what I actually posted. No more than 1 advice unless it's an Urgent thread, thank you.

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