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A team needs a leader to effectively accomplished its goals. Leadership and influence Question

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Sep 25, 2017   #1
I appreciate the work contributors have been doing through this forum and its through their advice and caution that I have written this essay thou its my first time posting in this forum. I appreciate your contributions. Thanks in advance

Chevening is looking for individuals who will be future leaders or influencers in their home countries. Explain how you meet this requirement, using clear examples of your own leadership and influencing skills to support your answer. (minimum word count: 100 words, maximum word count: 500 words)

My candidacy for a leadership position

A team needs a leader to effectively accomplished its goals, that is why countries have presidents, the Catholic church has the pope, Protestant churches have pastors, the Muslims have Imam, football teams have coaches and captains, a ship has a captain and a plain has a pilot, even embassies have ambassadors and schools have principals and the list can continue without end.

Leadership requires a deep commitment in order to lead team members towards development. I was given a very challenging task at a tender age (secondary five) in COTECC Bafut. To keep one of the most stubborn classes in school quiet was not an easy task. I was one of the youngest in class, but was supposed to keep the class clean and quiet at all times and at the same time, concentrate on reading my book. To do this, I collaborated fully with the disciplinary master, by constantly submitting the bullheaded names for punishment. Working hard labor while your mates were in class was unbearable, most of them changed and were obedient. This significantly improved the final year examination (GCE) by a margin of seven percent compared to the previous badge. Again, I was able to convince and influence our school administrators and the principal for the class to take a field trip to an industry where they could see what have been taught in class and that went on successfully under my rule as the class prefect.

At the level of the university, the school of engineering and technology consisting of eight departments was convened by the administrators. Each department was given a task to conceive two prototypes of a project that will be financed and implemented in the school premises. The best project was to be voted by all the Heads of Department. Our class of sixty was divided into two and I was elected leader of one group. Due to regular power outage in my country Cameroon, I decided that my crew and I should build a prototype of a solar system that could be used as security lights in the school premises so that with or without energy from the supply authority, our campus should be illuminated to avoid thieves breaking in and other ills by students. Our project was approved and we were awarded the contract by the school authority. Thanks to my team and me as a leader, National Polytechnic Bamenda (N.P.B) is always shining bright at night with or without power from the supply authority. Such a project can equally help Cameroon shine at Night.

Career wise, I am presently working with Kendely Group PLC which has four branches in Cameroon, I am based at the headquarters in Bamenda and the head of IT department in this firm. I control and supervise the other branches and educate interns of my field, guide and direct them on writing their academic projects. I was impressed when one of my interns got direct recruitment into eneo Cameroon immediately after he presented his project(499 words)

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Sep 26, 2017   #2
Navti, I am going to tell you the same thing that I tell everyone who is applying for the Chevening scholarship who use their educational leadership skills as proof of their ability to lead in the professional world, this is not going to work. The Chevening scholarship is based upon the premise that you are already some sort of executive in your place of work that has you in charge of projects, supervising people, and instructing them towards the completion of a project. Your explanation of your leadership skill is only useful for a college creative writing essay. This is not master class material, most certainly not Chevening material either.

I cannot believe that you placed your work experience as the closing statement of your essay. This should be the solely represented discussion throughout. You said you head the IT department. Discuss your work description and how you go about your daily duties. Explain the problems that you encounter and how you need to influence your subordinates to perform in a manner that will resolve the problem quickly and effectively. That is what this essay requires and that is what you have to represent. You cannot use any of the early paragraphs because they do not apply to the Chevening requirements for a leadership and influencing essay.

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