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Technology administrator - how you build and maintain relationships in a professional capacity

cornel 2 / 2 1  
Aug 27, 2019   #1

my life's centre

Building and maintaining relationships remain at the centre of my life because it invariably avails me the opportunity to align and realign my values, learn from the richness of diversity through collaborations and social endeavours, and a rare channel to exercise my civility. It must be mentioned that with social media and the internet, building personal and professional relationships have never been easier (and yet murky).

Professionally speaking, most of my speaking engagements have come from people I met at conferences. Recently, my invitation to join the Nigerian Youth Internet Governance Forum Organizing Committee came through a recommendation by a friend, based on our work together on the Nigerian Network Operators Group event on October 2018. Also, I facilitate an annual youth hangout which aims to bring young people together to share ideas and learn in an "ideas-safe" environment. Every year, most of our sponsorships come from referrals by people with whom contacts grew into valuable interactions and ideas exchange.

It goes without saying that most of my professional accomplishments and life goals advancements are tied to the social and professional contacts developed over the years. I have consciously worked hard to keep my network vibrant with incredible people in a bi-directional manner; people younger than me with whom I share my experience, people at my level with whom I usually collaborate on projects and seniors who serve as my mentors and from whom I learn. It has been a privilege to connect with mentors in my field of computing from outside Nigeria through social media and their impact in my life has been one of a tremendous volume.

The exposure to the global network that the Chevening scholarship promises, leaves so much to be desired. In my career path as a technology administrator, knowledge exchange is the hinge upon which progress is built, juxtaposed with my life goal (of using technology to further improve the quality of education in Nigeria) will gain from the richness of a global outlook while I will contribute my quota to the Chevening community in every capacity possible.
Maria - / 1,098 389  
Aug 31, 2019   #2
Hi there. Thanks for your continuous support in the site. We hope that you keep coming back to us for more input.

First and foremost, I find that your written work is sufficiently put-together. Because you were able to incorporate the necessary details for the readers to comprehend the entirety of your text, it made it easier to intertwine all of the details to ensure that your credibility would be proven.

I would only recommend that you try to incorporate more concrete examples all throughout. For instance, be cautious of adding more step-by-step examples of how you exhibit these particular traits. Experiences should be understood with more certainty, ensuring that you are able to expound in great detail how you have contributed to your community.

When writing thesis statements (usually the introductory sentence, try to also focus primarily on precision. Doing this will ensure that there is clarity in the voice of your message.

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