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AR technology combined with board games. My Study Plan and Goal of Study for KGSP

nanenoiii 3 / 15  
Mar 11, 2017   #1
This is my Goal of study and study plan.
Please comment it.
Thank you in advance.

new generation developers

My studying for extensive knowledge in field of computer and technology whether computer hardware or software which help me to be expertise in the field and then work as project manager or software engineer at leading industries with high salaries. Also, I would like to cultivate new generation developers to see importance of software development which currently in my country lack of software developers because people who graduated in the field often evade jobs about software development. So I will improve this point to create new developers for develop country and the world. About Korean language, I hope to use the language for increase money from guided freelance for Korea trip and teach the language to who have interested in the language that have a lot in my country.

For my research idea, I hope to do AR technology combine with board games such as chess, janggi and monopoly. Players just need space and some tools that necessary of AR for play it and then it will generate elements of its such as board and pieces. It will have beautiful animations and visual effects. It can play both multiplayer and AI which I hope people will be more interested in board games whether new generation or senior.

My plan for study, first year I will concentrate Korean language studying. Make friends both Korean and foreigners for help each other and practice Korean language in daily life. While I learn the language I will contact professor for laboratory and visit the university to create familiar.

When degree course started, I will draft research proposal to professor since first semester and improve it until they approved it. Every subjects are necessary especially mixed reality, real-time system, graphic, network and AI these subjects can help my research. Subjects about software engineering, DB, security, understanding patterns and so on which help me to be software developer to meet industry demands and achieve my study goal. Therefore, I have to concentrate all subjects of the major along with always review lessons and practice after classes. Before exam I will appointment friends to review lessons and help each other which I think it is a way to understand lessons quickly. I intend to work at laboratory for help works and projects of the laboratory. I hope I will have a chance to do research of the laboratory. Even I focus on education but I will try to attend every activities of university it will bring me close to culture and lifestyle of Korean people along with I can meet friends from another country and gain my experiences life.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 12,670 4112  
Mar 11, 2017   #2
Wong, what is the purpose of your AR technology research? Developing it for video games is not unique. The mobile phones already incorporate AR in their virtual goggles that come with the phones. You need to develop a more innovative research topic that could translate into a breakthrough thesis presentation. In relation to video game applications, how do you see yourself improving the AR applications? What part of the technology do you think is problematic or needs improvement? what kind of changes would you make to better the technology? These are the elements of an effective goal of study that you can incorporate into your revision.

With regards to the study plan, you have to totally rework those parts. do not include any references to the language study. That is not part of the masters class. Just assume that you are already done with the Hangul lessons and are now in your formal masters classes. So, 2 years for this line of research. Discuss the method of research that you will be doing and how you plan to develop the expected results over the next 2 years. That is all you have to present in that part. Don't delve on your first year in Korea. There won't be any chance for you to research your masters thesis at that point yet. You won't be allowed to do it.

There is no clear motivating factor for this line of research. What is the thesis statement? In other words, what is the use of this AR research in the future? Does it improve a technology? To what extent? Does it have a practical purpose? Explain what that is. Basically your presentation is just running around in circles without really offering solid ideas regarding the usefulness of the research either in scientific or everyday use. Some improvement to the essay can be made by totally removing the first paragraph because it is not really presenting the goal. Rather it is justifying your desire to study this course. Nothing more. That doesn't help the study goal presentation so skip the whole paragraph. Build on the remaining paragraphs, and by build, I mean expand on the remaining paragraph discussions using the guide questions I provided above. Accurately responding to those will help you create a more finalized essay.

It is unfortunate that I cannot continue to offer you more advice regarding the improvement of your essay in this public forum after my current response. If you wish to continue working with me for the development of your paper in private, please refer to our services link above and choose my name (Mary) from the list or, have our admin convert your thread to an "Urgent" one so that I can continue to publicly assist you there. I hope that somehow, I can continue to offer you guidance as you work on finalizing this essay.

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