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Telecommunications and Network re: Review my anwers to AA question

gario 1 / -  
Mar 23, 2021   #1

Why do you choose the course and Institution?

AA scholarship question? Refer to my feedback below and review and provide corrections where necessary.

Specific instructions; please use our private service, thank you.

I have Chosen to study the Masters of Engineering (Telecommunications and Network) course to get in depth and enhanced knowledge on communication systems as a whole. To date, I have been working as a radar engineer at Niusky Pacific Ltd (formerly Known as PNG Air Services Ltd) supporting radar maintenance operations ensuring the system has 100% uptime operations to support air traffic communications which solely use VHF radios for communications. However, there are continuous faults in the VHF system relating from the network end to the component level of the equipment itself (radios). Therefore, I believe successful completion of this course would boost my confidence and grant me that specialize knowledge to address this issue. In particular, designing and proposing reliable networks recommending appropriate radio equipment, and antenna type to improve communication and maintain it at the optimum level where there is no downtime because air safety is paramount in the aviation industry.

I have chosen RMIT as my first-choice of institution for its program structure which includes radar system as an elective which is directly related to my Job. Another appealing factor is the work integrated learning simulation that is offered to the students and the industry connections it has with the outside world.

The university of Sydney was my other option due to its course structure which is similar to RMIT and reputation as the 1st for employability for its graduates.

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