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Tell us about the place – or places – you call home. Family - the most important thing.

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Mar 9, 2020   #1

Tell us about the place you call home

I am eager for all feedback.
Thank you.

What is the most important thing in life ?

For me, that is my family, just one word but contains a whole world. Family can be simply called as the smallest community in human society including the same bloodline members. But in my opinion, family is a privilege, a gift that I am such a lucky girl to have.

I was born in a big, nuclear family that has five daughters with loving parents. In Asian's opinion, it is not accepted, but my parents always love us as their lovely little princesses.

From the experience in life, my parents have known exactly that knowledge is power, which can be considered as the strongest weapon to protect their daughters from the world full of traps outside when they could not interfere to protect us. Therefore, my mom and dad created their own business- a grocery store in order to provide us with a sufficient financial foundation for studying.

I used to think that my parents are superheroes because they never sleep, whenever I saw them, no matter it was soon or late, they all worked tirelessly. My sister told me that because these superheroes had to save the world for us, we must take care of ourselves instead of depending on them. Therefore, we did, we were completely independent on almost all aspects of our lives, from the smallest tasks like self-feeding, self-discipline in studying to some bigger ones such as making a decision. Commonly, we share our problems with each other so that we could handle them together unless there was an emergency situation needed helps from my parents. Thanks to that, I have learnt to be independent in my own life as well as responsible for it. Though sometimes I felt pity for being lacked care of parents, I am grateful for being a daughter of them because they brought up a stronger version of mine.

My sisters told me that there was a time when my parents had nothing to be proud of except for my sisters' rewards from school which are still being kept as a treasure in my parents' room. Whenever I come there, I always remind myself of the truth value of knowledge: "Be a MASTER of myself", which urges me to learn with a progressive spirit and always be in a ready position for innovation. Thank to this belief, I am now having my part-time job as a tutor, selling my time with a higher price, the price of knowledge.

If my life is a tree, my family will definitely is a firm root providing me the power to stand still before winds and storms. I used to think that my family can be be happy together forever but the bad news is time always moves forward, my sisters moved out one by one, my parents and I had to gradually cope with the empty spaces in our house. I used to hate time so much because it steals my dear sisters and my childhood. Nevertheless, the good new is time always moves forward, time does not steal my sisters, it brings them to the next chapter of their life and so do mine.

Those are lessons that I learn from my family besides school.
I believe that learning is an unstoppable process when human learn about not only the world but also themselves. Apparently, people are also a part of the animal, we are arranged as the highest one since we can control yourself from our deepest desire, and learning is the requirement to achieve control. Therefore, I am now 18 years old, having nothing but my heart, my soul and my youth to learn about the world as well as myself.
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Mar 9, 2020   #2
The essay is all about the place or places you call home. So the essay should be discussing locations, not people in your life. For example, A Japanese would discuss how he would consider the Manga Hotel a place to call home. It relates to his interest in Manga comics, having a place to rest, and is considered a meeting place of people with similar interests. That is the type of essay that you should be writing. You should not be writing about family. Your family is not a place. It is a nucleus of your bloodline. Totally different from a place to call home. Your essay is way off base in its presentation. Your family is automatically your home because of the blood relation. The essay is asking you to consider other places, where you meet people, where you feel just as comfortable as being with your family at your house.

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