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WHY TESOL in University of Canberra or Sydney? (AAS Hunter)

Umni 1 / 1  
Apr 13, 2018   #1

Why do you choose your proposed study and institution?

I am going to apply TESOL (Teaching English to Speaker of Other Languages) in University of Sidney or Canberra. I have a high interest in developing skills essential to the theories and difficulties of English grammar, language curriculum design, and the further developing of English teaching methods and approaches related to issues of background, culture, and mother tongue in order to result the most appropriate method based on the leaners' need and background. In my surroundings, English is a complicated subject for young learners since they never learned English in their elementary education and materials given are not appropriate to their level. Much patience, suitable teaching methods and approaches are needed in this kind of situation. This case motivates me to be an Agent of Change among learners there and other areas. I believe that this master program can prepare me in advanced to gain a specialty in the field of English skills and teaching.

In my bachelor education, I learned about TEFL I and TEFL II, Curriculum Material Development I and II, and Teaching Practice. What I gained from those assists me in my teaching and learning process. However, I definitely need to explore more in those kinds of subject and others to develop my quality and professionalism as English teacher. Compared with other universities, I am so interested in courses offered by University of Sydney and Canberra. While others put more emphasis on educational research only and classroom management, those two universities offer me strong practical knowledge on teaching method development and curriculum design, such as Development in English Language Teaching, Grammar and the Language Classroom, Language Teaching Methodology, Language and Social Context, Teacher Professional Development for EFL, and Curriculum Design and Evaluation, that I hope I will obtain much more knowledge and experiences. In addition, their faculty provides good lecturing techniques with high quality lecturers that will bolster my future performances.

Holt - / 7,580 2001  
Apr 14, 2018   #2
Umniyyatul, try to create a more integrated presentation of your reason for choosing the course at this institution. As I read the two paragraphs, it appears that there are 2 separate reasons for your desire to study a course and why you chose the university. There needs to be a justification for your interest in TESOL as offered by the university. Consider who you can use the education from the university to improve the plight of TESOL learners in your country. Pick a few courses from the curriculum and then explain how the course can help address a specific learning situation in your country. By doing that, you will create a far more interesting and connected discussion as to why you chose the course and the university. It will include a justification discussion which will help to strengthen the reasoning for your choices.

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