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[think about the universe] - SAIC Scholarship/Statement of Purpose

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Nov 30, 2013   #1
In this essay, I tried to make it more like a story than an average essay. I've got the concept down, however, my technical and style aren't strong at all. I really really need advice and help of how to make it sound more professional. The essay is connected with my portfolio, so if it doesn't make sense, go on facebook and look up the Art of Jackie Ducros. In the photo albums, it should be under the School of the Art institute in Chicago admissions portfolio. Everything is in order with the essay. Thank you!

Entering a cramped bedroom, a wave of natural light seeps through the windows and the room reeks of turpentine, chalk dust, and creation. A short, adolescent girl closes the door and inhales everything her senses can feel. She looks between her easel and her drafting table and thinks, "Where do I begin?". As a wave of impatience overcomes her, she lies on her bed and closes her creatively, envisioned brown eyes. She seeks into her subconscious for help, asking for guidance into the world of inspiration, which is the key to all creativity. Her subconscious believed the best way to find inspiration is to sends her on a journey, to the land of her imagination, hoping that she'll learn how patience is a big role in her creative thinking. Before she went off on her adventure, her subconscious warns her, the journey will last an eternity and things might not always come out as they seem. That's why you have to take a risk in your art sometimes and have an open mind. She accepts this eternal quest and begins.

In the world of her imagination, it is so vast and deep, she doesn't know where to begin on her astral adventures into her mind. As an artist, she has to first understand the concepts of life. She then thinks to herself, how did it all start, or more importantly, what did its aura look like? As she looks more into that concept, she also begins to learn about the basic vision of life and how it plays a big role in her art. She practices what makes the human form real and the colors people can't normally see; along with how what the eye sees in front of her and the colors people don't normally see. As she takes that information, she starts to incorporate human emotions and begins to imagine them in a completely non-traditional way; such as the feelings of exposure, the feeling of protection, and the feeling of love. The feeling of love gave her an inspiration to look into the concept of butterflies, as well with the concept of water. She then travels on her next quest of her journey, to the land of birth and metamorphosis

She always loved the element of water and how it always gives flow and balance in her life. She also starts to look more into the concept of butterflies and how they represent change in her life. She thought of combining the two entities together to make one huge masterpiece, to represent how it balances her life out into one thing. As she realizes her childhood is coming to a close end, she begins to think of the butterfly life cycle as a metaphor. She incorporates herself as that butterfly overcoming her change and metamorphosis. At the end of the cycle, she dies and reincarnates into the next cycle of her life, and creativity.

In the next stage of her life as an artist, she starts to explore in the realm of painting. Although unfamiliar with this medium, she boldly begins to gain experience from this very loose medium; since she's so used to having the control of a pencil or pastel. The way that she's overcoming her new medium, she starts to express in her art. She thought of an the idea of how people can be so frightened of something, it's hard for them to overcome or it becomes out of hand. Even though the fear starts out to be an obsession and then becomes a fear that someone hasn't overcome yet; her art gradually starts to overcome fears that most people or herself are most fearful of. For her, it's the fear of time and how it never ends. The concept of time lead into the idea of space and time, which lead into the biggest idea her imagination has granted her.

In the last realm of her imagination (as we know of), she starts to think about the universe. All souls came from a huge entity and it lives in us as we live in it. She has always wondered how the whole thing started. She then innovates this idea into a huge concentration that most people don't normally think about in everyday life. In the concentration, her ideas start off big and become extremely detailed. As she gets further with this idea, she becomes looser with the paint, which makes the concept more expressive. She has also took the idea from her love of water, and incorporated it in her space concentration, The universe is very free flowing and dense, like water is. The other entities that are helping with the creation of the universe are all underwater, giving the concentration a more surrealistic, dream-like effect

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Dec 1, 2013   #2
Love it! The word "she" balances out so perfectly, the precision and in depth is all there and is said indirectly but so straight forward. Amazing job, it's kind of funny how I integrated the same two objects you did "aura" and "butterflies" in my essay too! Great minds think alike :)

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