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Three British programs selection - reasons (Chevening Scholarship)

Ganesh Mumar 5 / 5 3  
Oct 7, 2017   #1
Dear Friends, Please give me Your comments and suggestions for the improvement for my essay for university choices.


My country has recently opened to market economy. International trade practices and network with global suppliers has been a major issue for my country. Global trends has been moving away from solely focus on deep sea shipping towards a more integrated system of management and communications. With my strong root in Maritime shipping field, I will expand my field with the knowledge of supply chain and international trade management.

I chose to study MSc International Transport, Trade and Logistics from LJMU. The university has a very impressive network in maritime and logistics sector and I will be able to build up network with professionals and its affiliated research institutes. It offers not only theory-based knowledge, it also has complementary program for modeling and case-study followed by each module. My previous study in shipping law, economic of sea transport, logistics management will enhance my speed of acquiring knowledge. I will have an advantage of having holistic view of the whole supply chain process. In optional modules, I could be able to study project management , Information Management and port strategies. All things considered, I will be able to stand as a professional in shipping and logistics field with coverage of all essential elements of those field.

From the same university, I chose to study MSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management. The modules differ from above choice particularly on its emphasize on manufacturing management and production planning and inventory management. It attracts me because my country has been seen future manufacturing hub as it is located right between two giant countries: India and China.
The course contains manufacturing plants visits and I will have a chance to compare different practices deployed in those plants. My country will need human resources in this field and I will be able to share my knowledge as a professional consultant.

My third choice is MSc in Logistics and Supply Chain Management from Cranfield school of management. This course is unique because it has Principles of Strategic Procurement as a core subject covering outsourcing, web-based procurement. It will be very supportive for me as procurement is starting to be done on a global scale in my country and international practices I learn will help me to stand as a professional in my country. In the electives modules, it has Retail Logistics and Logistics Outsourcing. I have been reading about modern retail logistics and I want to expand my knowledge further with international practices and operations procedures, which our local retail companies can imitate and renovate. Other elective module which I will take is Planning and Resourcing for Road Freight Transport. There will be Computer Vehicle Routing and Scheduling (CVRS) software based key planning elements for road transport and resource planning. I used to run IT integrated transport management system and I am very interested in CVRS packages and principles behind them.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 13,591 4458  
Oct 8, 2017   #2
Santoas, the essay that you wrote is good. The introduction gives a good background of your professional experience in relation to the courses you have chosen. However, it could have been strengthened if you had given a summary of your college education in relation to your profession first. That way you make it clear that you are undergoing continuing education program and not switching careers or proceeding to study a course in which you do not have any background.

Your explanation as to why you chose the courses are also acceptable and will be excellent for consideration purposes. However, the lack of future application discussion in terms of your career makes the course choices discussion lack in forward thinking applicability. Remember, your masters degree course should have a connection with your present and immediate future career plans. This is not to be confused with the long term post study plans that you should have for a different essay. Each potential short term career plan that you have for yourself needs to coincide with a course that you have chosen. That way, the course has an actual requirement or purpose in your profession.

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