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My three courses choice to study Business analytics in the UK - essay for Chevening scholarship

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Oct 28, 2020   #1

Studying in the UK - Chevening scholarship

Outline why you have selected your chosen three university courses and explain how this relates to your previous academic or professional experience and your plans. Please enter new information and examples here and not duplicate the information you have entered on the work experience and education section of this form (minimum word count: 100 words, maximum word count: 500 words).

I am applying to MS degree in Business analytics. I have chosen to apply to this course based on my previous academic and professional experience. After completion of under graduation, I joined Tata Consultancy Services. Here, I was trained in Business Intelligence and processing management (BIPM) for 2 months. Post training, I received an opportunity to work for Deutsche bank- A Germany based Investment banking. Here, I got to work on various tools and technologies including-Power BI, Informatica, SQL, Tableau and UNIX. I worked on designing modern Big Data ecosystem, analyzed the data and projected it in a way to provide business with better insights of their value chain. I conducted qualitative and quantitative studies in a structured way, suggesting areas of improvement and identifying opportunities/threats based on internal and external data sources, market trends and user behavior in an effort to strengthen efficiency and provide strategic direction.

This kind of analysis and work excited me and drove me towards the idea of gaining more skills and expertise. With my work experience of 60 months as a Business Analyst, I have become quite interested in this field. Now, I want to extend my knowledge in this field to fulfil my future career plan to work as a social entrepreneur. The business model of my organization is to get data from public and using this reliable data, we can aid public policy and drive social impact. Hence, I have decided to build upon my knowledge gained through the work experience by pursuing masters in the below mentioned universities-

My first choice is University of Manchester: Business Analytics: Operational Research and Risk Analysis. The course core module will equip me with risk performance, data analytics, applied statistics and decision analysis which will be helpful for starting my company as my business model is heavily data driven. So, it becomes imperative to have strong hold in core competency. My start-up comprising of web and mobile based application will provide solution to government agencies, NGOs, think tank, academician, and researcher. The core module 'Applied statistics and business forecasting' will help me in providing these organizations their future course of action and help government agencies to amend their policies. The reason for opting Manchester university is also because it will help me in my venture through 'Enterprise Centre' which helps me to interact with enterprises and to explore the possibility of starting my own company for which they have Venture Out and Venture Further competitions. Through Enactus MCR. I will get the chance to pitch my business idea as they encourage student for non-profit entrepreneurship. I will also get free start-up advice and patent for my business idea offered by Manchester central library.

My second choice is MSc in Business analytics at the University of Warwick. The university core module in Big data will help me in managing large data sets through which I can generate insights. I recently finished moocs course offered by Suzy Moat and Toabias Preis. I liked their way of teaching. It also offers descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics which will be helpful to get the insights of past, predicts what is most likely to happen in the future and recommends actions I can take to affect those outcomes. It offers to conduct external consultancy projects with a real client which will give me an industry exposure and increase my network. Through its QTEM Master network, I will get to join an exciting and growing elite network, acquire international experience. NAIC café will help me in socializing and growing my network.

My third choice is MSc in Business analytics and data science from the University of Leeds.
This university offers course in Machine learning which will be helpful in providing help to NGOs in predicting disease most likely to spread and in overcoming data void problems. Through Leeds data science society. I will be able to share an interest in big data and analytics.

It also provides forecasting and advanced business analytics.
Also, being based in Manchester, Warwick and Leeds provides me with the unprecedented opportunity to interact and learn from students from across the globe. These universities will also provide me an opportunity to build relationship with people from different cultures which will help me learn better and contribute to the society back home in India.

##Need help in reducing the word count.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 13,416 4393  
Oct 29, 2020   #2
The problem with this essay is that you did not follow the required discussion requirements. Your focus on your training at the start is irrelevant. The training discussion should be integrated into your skills and education training in reference to the courses you have chosen. Each university choice should contain:

- Specific and related academic training from your undergraduate studies. If you have attended relevant seminars and other training programs in-house, then refer to those relevant educational foundations as well;

- Your interest in the course based upon your current job description and the course relevance to your job
- How you see this course helping you advance to the next level of your career.

You are consistently over discussing, under discussion, or presenting irrelevant information in the essay. If you use the format for the content above, you should easily bring down your word count and provide a consistently informative essay.
OP imgroot 2 / 5  
Oct 29, 2020   #3
Thanks for the suggestion Holt.
But I have some doubts pertaining to your suggestions-
Specific and related academic training from your undergraduate studies.--- You suggested to specify specific and related training from undergraduate but my chosen 3 courses are same and don't you think specifying the same things 3 time will make it redundant.

That's why I mentioned my undergraduate and training in the start so that I can justify me chosen course and how am I going to utilize it in my career plan.

Kindly suggest so that I can make the changes a the deadline is near and I'll be waiting for your revert.
dhmch 1 / 3  
Oct 30, 2020   #4
Hi imgroot,

As Holt has stated, putting your training experience in such great details at the beginning is irrelevant.
I suggest finding a way to insert your training experience in each paragraph about your university choice.

It would look like this:

Paragraph 1:
Brief introduction

Paragraph 2:
University choice
Why you chose this program
How it is related to your experience (insert training experience)
How it will benefit you in the future

Paragraph 3 & 4
(follow the format of paragraph 2)

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