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Topik level - Language Study Plan for GKS G

cucumberoom 1 / 2  
Jan 9, 2022   #1

plan of foreign languages study

Hello, i am planning to apply GKS-G and this is my language study plan. English is not my native language so I need your feedback on this draft for both the content or grammar error. Thank you in advance.

Study plans to improve foreign languages (Korean, English, etc) required for taking a degree course BEFORE and AFTER you come to Korea.

I have a lot of interest in Korean language and culture so I have been studying it on my own before I came to Korea. I learned about grammar from many different resource and e-book I can find on internet, and I also enjoy Korean shows and music to imitate how real Korean people speaking. At the same point, I also have learned English and Chinese language at my school and self-study from various media, but I still need to polish them because my English and Chinese is still far from perfect. I also spent my time in Taiwan for the time being to enrich my language skill. Lastly, I have international online friends and try to communicate with them in Korean or English to improve and practice my language skill. I don't have TOPIK yet because there was no exam was held in my country this past 2 years, but I am sure I can obtain at least TOPIK level 3.

My goal is at least to achieve TOPIK level 4 after a year of study. Since I will stay at Korea, I will take that as advantage to advance and upgrade my competency in Korean language and apply what I have learned in real life situation, by socialization. I will immerse myself in Korean both language and culture, by joining clubs, community activities, voluntary works, cultural festival inside or outside university. At the same time, I also excited to meet new friends from another countries through GKS. Besides, I can build some relations through those activities that I enjoy. I believe I can be a fast learner with more structured curriculum provided by university, moreover with Korean environment around me that will help me a lot.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 12,857 4179  
Jan 9, 2022   #2
came to Korea.

This is an event that is still to happen. Change your time frame reference to future tense presentation. While the reviewer will understand that you are ESL, you must make an effort to show that you can deliver correctly formatted simple English sentences.

I have international online friends and try to communicate with them in Korean or English to improve

What happened to the development of your Chinese language use with online friends? If you are not particularly keen to develop your Chinese skills, which would be a waste if you ask me, then do not include it in the list of languages that you are currently learning.

I am sure I can obtain at least TOPIK level 3.

Try not to refer to TOPIK in the essay if you have not taken it yet. You can always take the test when you complete the 6 month language course in Korea, if you are accepted into the scholarship. Do not make assumptions because the reviewer might look for evidence fo that. By the way, since you are taking English in your school, you have the option to submit an alternative language proficiency certification ( in this case, for English). Look into that if you want to get a better chance of consideration based on language proficiency.

By the way, you dropped 2 language learning possibilities upon your arrival in Korea. You cannot exclude those languages because you mentioned it as part of your pre-arrival program. It must be included in the post arrival language learning path as well.

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