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Treasury operations / Accounting - How will the proposed study contribute to your career*?

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Apr 2, 2021   #1

How will the proposed study contribute to your career

My proposed study will contribute to my short-term, medium-term, and long-term plans. Short-Term Plan; After completing my master's degree, I want to support Treasury operations by developing a Credit-Line of Payment (CLP). The CLP will help Treasury and government agencies execute the budget in more effective and efficient ways. This method can also be useful for business and economic activities in the International markets. I also want to work as the Treasury's Representative on the working group with the Central Bank to introduce Treasury Bonds into the domestic market. Another contribution I would like to make is to improve the reporting system for Advance Payments and establish better rules and regulations for them. This is important because the Government has a high value of outstanding advances every year. I can do this by helping public institutions increase transparency and accountability regarding advance payments. Medium-Term Plan: I will look for further career opportunities within government public institutions. In my three years at Treasury, I have observed that many public institutions still do not have a proper risk management strategy for Operational /Business activities. Also, there are compliance risks due to the failure to comply with laws and regulations governing business activities. So, I plan to work with them to establish proper risk and compliance strategies. I want to improve the rules and regulations of these institutions to improve economic health and public finance management. Long-Term plan: I have an interest in academia and want to lecture in accounting and finance at universities. Post-Master's I hope to pursue my Doctoral Studies in Accounting. Alongside my teaching, I also want to work with other professional accountants in the country to establish a Professional Accounting Body to qualify accounting students and maintain high accounting standards as they embark on their professional careers.
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Apr 2, 2021   #2
Hallo Everyone, I am gonz, and Currently I am applying for AAS 2022 intake. Please review my essay and give some feedbacks. cheers
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Apr 3, 2021   #3
The first problem this presentation has is formatting. Divide the short, medium, and long term plans into paragraphs. The paragraphs will make it easier for the reviewer to keep track of your presentation in relation to the time frame of your professional development. However, prior to presenting these information, it would be beneficial to your presentation if you give a summary of your current work position, duties, and responsibilities that may help the reviewer align your proposed career development with your study interests as based on your current profession. If the Treasury Department has some sort of program that aims to better fulfill the needs of the government in some way, and these align with your career plans, then make mention and explain those as well. Connect the discussions based on career development considerations of the past (as the foundation), the present (as the current strategy), and the future (ultimate career goal over 5 years). Do not forget to use paragraphs whenever possible to aid in the reading and scanning of the information you are presenting.

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