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The Trip - Global UGRAD Program application essay - Why Participate?

lemeigeni 2 / 2  
Feb 9, 2021   #1
Essay 1: The Global UGRAD Program is for young leaders committed to serving their home communities.
Why would you be a great participant in the Global UGRAD Program?

I have a keen interest in learning foreign languages and exploring different cultures and destinations. I believe language is the key to bridging the gaps between different cultures and making our world a global village. I wish to become a polyglot and now I can speak basic Chinese and Korean besides English and I will continue to conquer many other languages.

My dream of developing my hometown's economy and my interest led me to attend my current major at my university. The curriculum presents me to the important role of logistics and supply chain management (SCM) in an economy and the existing difficulties in our logistics industry, which are the lack of quality human resources and the incredibly high cost in logistics services. Therefore, I am determined to work in this field in the future and contribute my effort to solve the problem.

I set my first steps towards my dream by creating a community page. My idea is to provide students with more exposure to the field of logistics and build a community connecting logistics enthusiasts. I believe it is the content that will keep the visitors stay with my community. I thought of sections that I would like to cover on my page and started posting valuable information and opportunities that I have access to. After 2 weeks with some quality content on my page, I introduced my idea in a group of my class and attracted the first followers. The chance to gain credit and grow my community came when a follower having to find a case study about disclaimer of the carrier in sea freight and analyse it for her assignment but she couldn't find it anywhere so she inboxed my page for help. Taking advantage of my research skills, my experience and knowledge and my network, I finally found an actual case and instructed her on general analysis as well. She was so appreciative that she advertised my page with lots of her friends and it caught on gradually by the word of mouth. I also found 2 moderators who are very professional and passionate to develop the community with me. My small community grew gradually but firmly, until now I have attracted over 200 followers with the reach for every post always over 80%.I was so grateful as well, because by helping others I received a lot - knowledge and skills sharpened, community developed and passion connected. I hope my small community will lay the groundwork for the core national workforce in the logistics sector.

After the process of learning and working, I realise that to minimize the logistics cost, enterprises have to optimize their logistics system and put it into a systematic process. However, the practice is not easy since Vietnam's logistics industry is still young and incomplete. Therefore, I desire to study in America to gain insights into its business because America is the leader in logistics industry with the world's leading logistics companies. I believe I can cultivate my innovative mindset during my stay in America and return home with disruptive solutions. After graduation, I want to start a logistics firm with a global vision and contribute benefits to the national economy. I plan to build a group of enthusiastic people who share the same passion and don't fear challenges and we will mentor the younger generation. By that way, I can solve the existing difficulties and realize my country's vision to become a developed economy by 2045. I'm also willing to contribute to the international community by sharing my insights into logistics in the context of a developing country. Regarding my personal growth, the Global UGRAD program offers me chances to explore the American culture, society and motivation to become a global leader. I believe I will be more confident, open-minded and inspirational after this life-changing trip. Moreover, I can meet like-minded friends from many parts of the world, enjoy their cultures, learn their languages and share my country's wealthy traditional culture and unique cuisine with the world.

After the trip, I plan to organize periodic specialized webinars, and if fundraising enough, language and cultural exchange events in my hometown, to connect my passionate international friends and friends in my country, let the knowledge and experience I gained in the U.S. continue to spread.

I acknowledge that the acceptance to the Global UGRAD Program will come with obligations and responsibilities. I assure that I will grasp this opportunity to better myself, better my home community and keep on disseminating the values, the lessons that I have learnt on my future journeys.

Thank you in advance for reviewing my essays. I really appreciate all of your valuable comments.

Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,317 3351  
Feb 10, 2021   #2
This is not really a leadership experience within a community. There is a lack of physical interaction on a real time social basis because your way of helping the community was through a website. You also, only reflected being able to help one person rather than promote an effective change or improvement within a community setting. Read the prompt requirements again. Focus on the keywords "young leaders" and "serving their home communities". You cannot serve your home community through this website alone. It is too centralized in focus and does not truly help to improve the life of the other community members. This is more of a social club reference in virtual form. It does not fully suit the discussion requirements of the prompt. You have to be able to show leadership skills on a community wide scale. Change for the betterment of a community, not helping someone do research.

Your graduation plans are not important in this presentation because that does not help to create your image as a leader so you are over reaching at that point. It is not about what you will do after the trip either. It is all about what qualifies you for the program now. As a leader in your community, what have you done to help others in a meaningful, non-academic way?

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