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To understand urban design theories to save the remained part of my city's significant identity

Alaa Badawi 4 / 5  
Nov 3, 2018   #1

UK Universities Essay - Chevening Scholarship

Globalization and modernism, as they lead the world into developed stages, with unconsciousness, and lack change management and cities growth principles, as they rapidly destroy countries. The main driven to study urban design for me was to understand urban design theories and policies as a way of saving the remained part of my city's significant identity. I have participated in several urban design internships aimed to design new urban renewal projects for historical districts and slum areas. The thing that strengthened my passion for community development, urban design policies, and heritage preservation.

I have chosen to study a Master in Global Urban Development and Planning at the University of Manchester. My academic and professional background in social development and urban design studies will support me to perform well during the study of Global Urban Development and Planning.

Studying urban development planning with an international perspective line with my future career goal of working with international leading development sectors in my country. Sharing knowledge with an international Organization like GIZ, UNDP and practicing urban development in projects like UN-HABITAT for a better future in Egypt will be part of my responsibilities. Additionally, this course will enrich my knowledge about global sustainable policies towards climatic change and environmental issues which is part of my country's current concern.

My previous knowledge in urban planning and placemaking guided me to choose the Master degree in Urban and Regional Planning at the University of Birmingham as my second choice. To practice urban planning in such a historical, exciting multi-culture city will significantly improve my knowledge of urban design features and implemented planning projects. This course benefits for my career opportunities will provide the necessary practical knowledge for a competitive position with national and international planning projects and with local and national planning organizations in Egypt.

A research-focused public university in Scotland, University of Dundee is my third choice to study a Master degree in Spatial Planning with Sustainable Urban Design. Due to the university's research-inspired teaching, their strong track record of graduate employability and the experience of practicing urban design in a Scottish city will provide a different practical knowledge about the city features. The thing that will help me during the course is my previous studies in Environmental Planning, Sustainability in urban design, and heritage preservation. The course is applicable to my future career goal of improving my research skills in the field of urban planning and sustainability.

My passion for community development and sustainability impacts are the main motives for me to pursue a Master degree in urban planning. My future career plans are to dedicate my knowledge for improving my country as an urban planner with sustainability knowledge and tools, developing profit and non-profit organizations, and sharing international development theories and policies with several platforms to participate in creating better future for my country.

bowls 4 / 5 1  
Nov 4, 2018   #2
The first and last sentence of the first paragraph are not clear, I don't get what you mean, you may need to rephrase them. Please combine 2nd and 3rd paragraphs because both of them are about your 1st choice, you don't need to split it. You explain clearly why you have chosen these universities and courses, which is good. I also like that you have related your past experience and future goals to your choices.
Holt [Contributor] - / 9,531 2963  
Nov 4, 2018   #3
Alla, aside from your motivation to study these masters courses, you should also be presenting a short summary of your academic background to the reviewer. You are neglecting to give him an overall presentation of the information regarding your academic training that you received in college that has better prepared you for the masters course. You should indicate your bachelor degree and any relevant internships that you have had. You mentioned interning during your college days so you should mention that as a separate paragraph as part of your professional preparation during your college days.

Your actual professional experience is also little discussed in this essay unless it relates to your chosen course. Try to present another paragraph that better lays out your professional foundation for success in the course. Just merge your motivation for the studies within the professional background presentation as a single or 2 sentence presentation. The motivation should not take up 2 whole paragraphs as it does at the moment.

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