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The use of my networking skills on a specific example from my professional development

sasha_pavlova 1 / 1  
Nov 4, 2017   #1


I want to describe the use of my networking skills on a concrete example of my professional development. During studying at the university I had to go through a summer internship. My current academic specialization didn't fully satisfy me in the outlook of professional development. I was interested in the UI designer profession. The goal was to independently search for a job. However, the problem was that I didn't have enough knowledge, skills and experience in this field.

Firstly, I had to provide the portfolio to potential employers as proof of my abilities. Not having a clear idea of ​​exactly how the process of creating any project occurs, I turned for help to a friend who introduced me to a professional UI designer. Specialist's consultation allowed to obtain the necessary knowledge base for the implementation of my future projects. Also I recieved from him links to communities in the social network "VKontakte", where where designers share experience and help beginners. I asked many questions, and as a result, I created a contacts network that helps me in professional development.

More difficult step was the search for a company for the internship. Wasn't an easy task to convince the representative of the company that, having taught me, they will get a valuable employee who brings profit to their business. On the recommendations of my network, I contacted 30 web-studios of the city. 2/3 of the companies refused me, referring to the lack of resources for training or lack of my necessity. About 10 companies requested my portfolio, as a result I received 3 interview invitations, 2 of which I successfully passed. I chose a company that seemed more promising in a further grough. At the moment I continue to work in this company. Due to my networking skills, I was able to grow from a beginner to a professional in my field, whose opinion has a sizeable weight in the company.

A few words about my specialist development in these 2 years. In view of the fact I need to quickly acquire professional skills and experience, I maintain active contacts with the design community from around the world. The best platform for these purposes is Dribbble. Every year I attend meetings in Russia, where international speakers share their experience, discuss actual problems and ways to solve it. As a result of this connections acquired there, I've recently got the opportunity to publish my own works on the Dribbble platform. This opportunity is extending my connections with top designers and potential customers from all over the world.

As a Chevening scholar, I will be able not only to use the received information and knowledge, but also to share it and help in the development of the Chevening community. I thankful to the people who helped me, because not having an academic education in the field of design, my networking skills allowed me to go to career success. Therefore, I want to share my experience and lead people who need support and motivation.

Meyamoo 3 / 6  
Nov 4, 2017   #2
dear @sasha_pavlova
you need a different introduction to explain what network connection means to you and you should how you can help others by your network its about giving and taking
OP sasha_pavlova 1 / 1  
Nov 4, 2017   #3
dear @Meyamoo
thanks for your reply, but could you give me an explanation of what do you mean, and should I completely change my essay?
Meyamoo 3 / 6  
Nov 4, 2017   #4
hi @sasha_pavlova
don`t change it completely just revise.
I mean that you explained how your network connection helped you try to explain how you also helped other people by your connection network how that was mutual

also take care of few mistakes like where where designers share experience you repeated the word
Holt [Contributor] - / 8,590 2492  
Nov 5, 2017   #5
Sasha, you asked @Meyamoo if you have to revise the essay and the response was you just have to edit it. I hope you will not be cross with me but, in my expert opinion, you have to revise the whole essay. The Chevening networking essay must focus solely on your post study network development. That means, you cannot use the story about how you got an internship because that was done during your academic time. This whole essay covers a period of time when you were not building a professional network so you will automatically get eliminated from consideration for the scholarship. You mentioned towards the end that you maintain active contacts with the design community. Depict that in the revised essay, without relying on the app to prove that this is a real network. The reviewer needs real life, not virtual contact, with these community members. If you cannot represent any organization that you are a member of, if you cannot depict how this network has helped you with your career path going forward, if you cannot prove that a network exists that can enhance the Chevening network, then I can tell you instantly, you will not be considered for the scholarship. One failure to properly represent required information in the written interview will get you taken out of the consideration list. Don't let that happen.

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