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The Uzbek culture - Why would you be a great participant in the Global UGRAD Program?

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Dec 23, 2021   #1

Global UGRAD Program application essay

There are some reasons why I want to take part in this program. The main motive is having an opportunity to experience the exchange of cultures with others and introduce Uzbek culture. After entering the university, I thought about how I can be useful for my nation and I was thinking about translating some great books of Uzbek writers into other languages. So, I studied Uzbek culture and traditions deeply in order to get the real meaning of some historical novels and feel those days real mood. However, it is serious challenge for translators to keep the original meaning of story, despite using language on excellent level. In order to transfer the meaning of text from one language to another, translator should be definately aware of cultural and historical details of that nation. Despite having cources which are dedicated to "Culture" trying to establish cultural atmosphere of nations, still feeling culture can not be compared with just knowing information. Hence, this program would be great chance to learn even the smallest elements of other cultures and I would be able to use it in translation of world literature. I think by this way I would have some contribution to Uzbek and world literature.

The second reason is my social skills that make me outstanding participant of this program. I was leader of my class and community called "Kamolot" ("Yoshlar Ittifoqi" since 2017) at secondary school from 5th to 11th grade. While being leader of community, I participated in several local volunteering works (helping disabled pupils at schools, founder of charity at school "Loving hands"), competitions ("Zakovat") and festivals. Having participated in those activities, children try themselves on different spheres, from early ages, I have been improving my social skills, widening my horizons as well as honing my leadership characteristics. Therefore, I would say that now at university I am good at leading my group, organizing events and solving arguments while being neutral. I am easy-going and talkative type. These really help me to make pleasant atmosphere around me. I suppose these features make me special and worthy participant of this program.

The third reason, as my family and I native habitants of Uzbekistan I am well informed with local customs, traditions, history and folklore. I mean, there are numerous unwritten customs that can be explained only by natives of Uzbekistan, such as pouring tea back three times or the meaning of some Uzbek folklore. Unrecorded information would be interesting and with my communication skills I would be able to present my culture in a natural way to other participants as well.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 12,303 3989  
Dec 24, 2021   #2
In the first paragraph, your reference to a cultural exchange was a good start. It actually represents one of the actual prompt discussion requirements of the program. However, when you referred to your intention of translating Uzbek books, you lost track of the cultural exchange explanation. A reflection of the importance of this cultural exchange with America disappeared. You have to get back on track and show the importance of this cultural exchange based on diplomatic relations and social development between the cultures. Continue to build on the first aspect your presented in relation to cultural exchange.

The reference to exposure to other cultures being essential to your translation is interesting and notable. However, the lack of literature connection between America and Uzbeksitan proves to be a problem. Perhaps you can mention an American historical novel that you plan to translate to Uzbek to help move this relationship along. Think along how the lines of how Russian novels were translated to English to help with an understanding of Russian culture and political issues. In your case, use a specific Uzbel and American novel reference to create a better understanding for the reader.

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