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In my view networking is the best way in socialization process, Chevening networking essay.

naseernasrati 14 / 33 10  
Oct 19, 2017   #1

new and different communications

In my view networking is the best way in socialization process, to have contacts with community and influencing others. From studying in university to now and in the future, I have been active in social activities and making networks.

While I as studying civil engineering in Herat city, I was member of a team to create the first Ghor students council in Herat city whose aim was gathering all students who are studying in all Herat city universities by the name of, " Ghor youths and students council in Herat". At the first it was hard but I as key member of the team keep continuing by the way of motivating others which finally we become success. The aim of council was not only collecting thousands of youths and students to protest for our rights, help each other, holding cultural ceremonies and providing professional conferences for students in Herat city but also establishment of council's departments in Ghor, Farah and Badghis provinces which finally we did. Although it was my first experience, it made me stronger in creating communications and influencing others.

Beside all my volunteer activities within my field and community my aim was to work in a national organization. After graduation from university I started working in, "National solidarity program (NSP)" in Ghor province where more than twenty young professional Engineers were gathered to implement a national development program for 365 community development councils (CDCs) in Firozkoh district. Our mission was to first communicate and influence the community and assure them to accept the development projects. During working in NSP communicating with thousands of professional and non-professional people and co-workers I knew how to communicate and influence others and how to make strong networks in the community. In addition, however, it was my first experience of establishing an organization but I understood from my experiences in NSP how to organize and manage others and projects; I could influence young and professional Engineers in NSP to establish, "Shahrara Engineering Services" for the first time in Ghor province. Although the organization's aim was to provide engineering services in private sector, creating an engineering network in the organization was result of my efforts and influences among Engineers who were working in NSP.

Volunteering is another way of enhancing my networking skills. I am voluntarily working as leader of a movement in Ghor province by the name of, "New Ghor Protest Movement". I made a network of youths who were from six different districts of Ghor province to protest for equal development. Building that network as well helped me to experience new communications with different youths from different cultures.

My future plans are to experience and influence new and different communications including Chevening community. In addition, I would like to fasten all my skills and use them for society especially in making an strong engineering network.

Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,301 3344  
Oct 19, 2017   #2
Nasser, this is not a networking essay. This is a leadership and influencing essay. You use the wrong prompt for the essay. Either that or, you did not understand the difference between the networking requirements and the "leadership and influencing" discussion points. In all of the experiences that you presented here, networking was not the key factor present, it was your leadership and influencing ability. You knew how to get the job done through communication skills and influencing others to follow your instructions. Those are definitely meant for the other essay, not the networking essay. So you have to use this for the more suitable prompt.

Before you do that though, you should remove the leadership and influencing references to your academic days and volunteer activities. For the academic phase, that is not of interest to the reviewer. He is only interested in your leadership and influencing skills in relation to your actual work experience up to present. The last part, about you gathering youths to protest, remove that. You do not want to tell the reviewer or give the reviewer the idea that you cannot properly represent all that is good about Chevening's programs because you have a tendency to lead mass protests. As a scholarship applicant, if it appears that you are not capable of submitting to a higher authority and, that you will constantly question, in a disruptive manner (as a protest tends to often do) the movements of the authorities and government leaders, then you will definitely lose all possible consideration for your application as a scholar. You are ruining your own chances at consideration by constantly bringing up the fact that you are an activist. Don't tell the reviewer that. This is not the time nor place for it. This is the second time you have presented that in your essay and this is the second time I have told you not to include that information for your own sake. I do not want to see it again. If I see it again, I will not advice you anymore because you insist on killing your chances at a scholarship consideration.

With all of that said, I will ask you to write a new essay that more accurately considers the professional network that you have created in line with your job. The essay has to show how the network was developed due to the demands of your job. Then you need to prove that you have a method by which you cultivate that network for future use. Then reference how this network can be an asset to Chevening in the future if, you are given a scholarship.
OP naseernasrati 14 / 33 10  
Oct 19, 2017   #3

Hi thanks for your best feedback i could understand what exactly networking is and totally changed my essay, here is it i appreciate your final feedback in networking essay as well leadership final feedback as i revised it in another threat before this.

During working as an engineer in recent years, I have tried and worked to strong network of engineers in the urban sector in Afghanistan especially in Ghor province. My current position as monitoring and supervision engineer for Ghor Urban Development and Housing Department (GUDHD) has enabled me to be in contact with engineers in this department, municipality, engineers in Ministry of Urban Development and Housing (MUDH) and those who work for private construction companies as well as many of organizations and departments.

I established my network from contacting construction company's engineers through monitoring and supervision of projects and reporting them to MUDH engineers and by inviting these engineers to join my online group including Internet Site and Facebook page named, "Afghanistan Urban Activists". I also have contact with some of my classmates, professors, and experts in other parts of the country, and make use of these contacts to link all engineers from different parts of the country to myself and each other for advice and sharing information about urban sector's challenges and their solutions in Afghanistan.

Since joining GUDHD, I have extended my network to also include engineers who are jobless, head of some development departments and head of construction companies. I met some of these contacts at online meetings and in person meetings. I have used these contacts to find jobs and internship for these jobless engineers. As well I have assisted them with some training to be more prepared to get a job as an engineer.

This year, I benefited from my network efforts when an engineer from MUDH whom I had contact with at my online group made me aware about a conference in urban sector by MUDH. It was the best opportunity for me to participate in a conference where thousands of professors, experts, government authorities and students in urban sector will gather. Through participating in the conference I will have contacts with a big community in urban sector to enhance my network.

When I return to Afghanistan, I want to assist in the urban sector in the Ghor province where I am from and in my home country Afghanistan. Afghanistan is a country with less development in all sectors especially in urban sector. I want to have contacts with other Chevening scholars including Afghans and other nationalities in order to develop my network and create the best urban network in Afghanistan, as well motivating my hometown friends and classmates to use Chevening program.

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