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Voluntary and leadership experience for commonwealth shared scholarship.

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Dec 10, 2021   #1

Voluntary and leadership experience for commonwealth shared scholarship

Please you kind and sincere review. Does this match?

Recounting from my secondary school-days, I was lucky! Some of my secondary school teacher found me capable and intelligent. I never knew this, until I began to do things that brought joy of fulfillment to my soul. I started my voluntary service in secondary where I had to organize group of my classmate to teach them on various course subject relating to science. This act was what first brought me my leadership role as I appointed science class prefect.

My joy grew after many calls by some of my classmates to affirm to the knowledge gain which has helped them achieve good grade in their West Africa Examination Council result (WAEC). Then, I had extended this voluntary act to my university where I assisted most of my course mate scale through in most difficult courses. Engaging in free tutoring courses has been one of my biggest voluntary activities and am glad how engage with it.

My leadership experience, I had recount on my undergraduate days, where I decided to run for departmental position as secretary general of my department. I took this bold step against all odds, such as personal, academic and environmental, to correct many wrong in the department. Finally, election day came and my opponent won on a close margin. I felt so bad because I won't have the opportunity to correct the things I wanted.

But fortunately, as leadership will always follow my footsteps. I was called by the head of department and some board members of the department to assume the position departmental president. This role came with tight responsibility and by God's grace, determination, diligence and self discipline I was able to make positive impact in the department. Where I did first ever departmental almanac, organize seminar talk on prevail challenges affecting the building industry. Through this role, I advocated for posting of semester result on time to help student know the carry-over courses to resit for. This was a major issue before I came on board as president which has caused many student extra year without their notice till final year when they cannot possibly do anything about it than to pay extra school fee with extra year.

This has availed me the opportunities to impact life. And by his grace I will say it has been worthwhile. And I look forward to more leadership role as to come.
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Dec 10, 2021   #2
No, the presentation does not match. You are relying heavily on your academic leadership experience when the voluntary and leadership experience for this essay should be focused on your leadership role as it applies ot your career progression. While the voluntary experience deals with how you help your community as an adult through socio-civic activities in charitable groups, institutions, or office related community activities such as holiday charities and other similar events. I am sad to say that this experience presentation will not even meet the minor standards of the review committee. The other applicants will have actual professional and adult community related leadership and volunteer references to speak of. Experiences that will prove they are emerging leaders who can influence a positive change in their country based on their current status in life. These qualifications that you present will not be considered at the same level as those of proper professional and age appropriate volunteer and leadership experiences. You are applying for a masters scholarship, that means you are of a certain notable position in your professional career already. If all you have to refer to is your undergraduate experience, without any professional and adult age community service or volunteer activities references at all, then your application will have already failed.
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Thank you for your sincere comment. Can I use a position I currently occupy as site manager.

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