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I wanted good grades - PERSONAL STATEMENT KGSP

Papiya Dam 1 / -  
Dec 28, 2020   #1
I'm going to apply in 2021 for KGSP...So I write this one as my personal statement...please correct my mistakes...Because my 1st language is Bengali not English...Thank you

A Dream To Study Abroad

I have always been interested in Korean language and culture so I started learning Korean language when I was in 11th grade of my high school. Since I really wanted to study abroad, in fact I always wanted visit foreign places, but then I realized that it wouldn't be possible because it is too expensive for me. When I came to know about KGSP through internet, I didn't give up, now I am hoping that one day it would be my turn to visit South Korea and study there.

I completed my high school in 2020 and after that I started looking out for KGSP notification because it was the only opportunity to study abroad with such a great scholarship. So I kept it in mind about the deadlines and I was fortunate enough to apply this year. I thought to apply in 2020 but due to pandemic I couldn't prepare the necessary documents.

So I ended up applying in 2021 for undergraduate (bachelor degree), approximately 1-year after coming to know about KGSP. During these times, I prepared the documents necessary as I knew exactly the prerequisites. Since KGSP wanted good grades, I have achieved that and also in this time I improved my Korean and English skills.

Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,088 3251  
Dec 29, 2020   #2
Since the scholarship applications do not start till next year, you have time to write the personal statement for your application. What you have here is just a draft that is not really compliant with the content requirements. You need to get a copy of the application forms, which are available online, so that you can structure your drafts towards the actual prompt requirements covering:

- Your family background
- Achievements
- motivation to study in Korea

among other things. You cover some of those aspects in this draft, but you need to get into a more serious presentation of your background in relation to your application. Based on what you have presented here, I can tell you that you carry some of the qualifications the GKS look for in a candidate. However, these are not strongly presented in this draft. You should build on most of the ideas you present here based on the actual requirements for next year's round of applicants.
azulamikaelson 2 / 3  
Dec 29, 2020   #3
I think that you need to make this essay a bit more personal, I mean you could get into details about how you got interested with the idea of studying abroad in the first place or to the scholarship specifically because as of right now, the personal statement is too general

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