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Water Resource Engineering - motivation letter for Sweden scholarship

Dec 22, 2020   #1

letter of motivation

The main reason that motivated me to pursue the Water Resource Engineering Master's Program is Ethiopia faces water shortages, poor sanitation, and a lack of access to clean water sources. In rural areas of the country, have no access to a clean water supply and sanitation services. Through the Master's program, these are the issues I explore challenges such as wastewater treatment, storm water manĀ­agement, coastal hydraulics, and modeling of hydrological processes. I will gain practical elements, which allow me to deepen my understanding of the more theoretical components and to develop both professional and academic skills, which will allow me as a water engineer at current. To meet the demand I will research all aspects of water management. By applying integrated water resources management, surface water and groundwater can be used to cover this demand in a sustainable and eco-friendly way. Finally, this program helps me to ensure access to water and sanitation and achieve UN sustainable development goals.
Kaung Htet 1 / 2  
Dec 22, 2020   #2
Hi, yinebeb, your mortivation is short and I think it should be around 400. The problems you mentioned is just the overview, you need to deep down into the issue and say the specific people who are suffering from it. In my motivation letter, I am used to adding how to expand my professional network when I arrive at my study-destination and how I would use that network. Hope this message help you.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 11,194 3644  
Dec 23, 2020   #3
Unless there are other qualifications for the motivation letter that you forgot toupload with your writing, then I have to say that this is not a proper motivation letter.

The motivation letter must cover 3 aspects int he presentation:
- Professional
- Academic
- Personal

These 3 reasons should combine to create a final motivation that explains the motivation for your choice to study in:
- the country
- the university

All of these aspects do not exist in your presentation. This is more of a summary of your interest in studies rather an explanation of what cause/reason motivates your interest in higher studies. You must delete this current version and work on a new draft that focuses on a discussion based on the aforementioned points of motivational interest. This current motivation is not serious not informative. It is not the type of letter that should be included in any scholarship or student application.

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