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Welfare of others - Leadership Skills - Chevening Scholarship

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Oct 6, 2019   #1


The passion and commitment to empower others makes a successful leader. This statement totally reflects my garnered leadership experience over the years. My appointment, election victories and awards are commensurate to my zeal to empower people.

Retrospectively to school days, every session ended with assignments to lead due to my good people management and commitment to others. For instance, I had served severally as class governor and team lead for the first four years in school, thereafter selected as a member of sanitation squad owing to my enthusiasm and organization of my classmates during various environmental sanitation periods. In the final session, I was totally astonished by the triumphant joy from my junior colleagues when I was appointed as the School Prefect. They weren't disappointed throughout my tenure with various engagement in sporting activities and competitions within the vicinity and beyond.

Furthermore, my leadership train continued in the third year in the university when I was appointed as the new editor in the departmental press organization. During my tenure, I introduced a language section in the weekly publication. In this section, foreign language lessons e.g. Spanish and French were published to increase students' horizons which gained popularity in the faculty. In the same session, I was elected as the class governor which lasted for three years without any antagonism. As the class governor, I drove my class to success with great zeal and passion through several tutorial classes, reading cells in different halls, quick response to complaints and inquires, with a significant increase in the Students' grades (85%). Thereafter, I was awarded as the best class governor (first Runnerup) and most distinguished student of the year.

In addition, my work experience was not exempted from a glow of my leadership traits. During my internship in soft drink industry, I led a team of 5 to manage a project of the extension of the engineering room and its store to accommodate the proceeds of the consolidation of two big plants just within three weeks. Therefore, I was commended by the Managing Director for great job done.

Currently, in XXX as a project monitoring officer, I was appointed unconventionally as the buddy to orient and support two new recruits in my division as a result of shown leadership traits and also won in an innovation challenge in the organization, leading a team of 5 members. I was likewise assigned to organize various tutorial classes on programming and data analytics for the group members after work hour for even distribution of skills and key man risk reduction.

To sum it up, it can be said that leadership has been an innate skill I have exhibited over the years. Great leaders can continue to strive in this competitive world only if they are highly driven with passion and zeal to lead and committed to others' welfare.

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Oct 9, 2019   #2
Hi. Welcome here. I hope that you find the feedback and content to be helpful as you are learning.

Firstly, while it's great that you had utilized a lot of heavy words from the get-go, try to always balance this out with the genuine content of the message. Remember that you are not only writing for the purpose of impressing the evaluators of Chevening; rather, you are writing with the intent to show that you deserve the position. This warrants that you are professional about your endeavors.

Furthermore, I would recommend that you try to compartmentalize your successes a little bit more. This does not mean omitting details; rather, this means that you should make more valuable messages with high impact within shorter sentences. You can easily do this by removing unnecessary explanations and focusing on how you were able to deliver the success A from the situation B.

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