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'wet processing technology' - My study plan for chinese government scholarship program 2016

shehad 1 / -  
Mar 4, 2016   #1
As more than 80% of total GDP rest on on textile sector it is not heard to say how important it became for our country Bangladesh. Soon after my higher secondary education, I enrolled B.Sc. in textile engineering at Primeasia University; one of the best university for textile in Bangladesh. From very first of the course I found textile engineering interesting. My presence in the class of textile Raw material, Yarn Manufacturing, Fabric Manufacturing, wet processing technology, Garments manufacturing technology, textile testing and quality control, Textile Physics, application of computer in textile, advance textile etc. was enthusiastic and contributing. I took Wet processing Technology as an advance course in the final year, in consort with two project. First one was on study of bleaching agents of textile, there we studied properties, chemistry, advantages and disadvantage of all bleaching agents used in textile. And the final project topic was Investigation of combine desizing, scouring and bleaching effects with H2 O2. In that project were administered with same fabric in two different way, conventional process and combined process and evaluate the variance. All through the time my academic consequences was so good that I was awarded scholarship of 50% weaver on tuition fees. Soon after my final result 3.79 out of 4, I joined The Green Project W.S.T Ltd. under UNFCC as a water ambassador. Here my obligation is spreading the concept of Sustainable and environment friendly textile processing and coordinating with the national and international experts to accomplish goals to reduce utilities (Water, Steam, & Energy) up to a decent margin. As I used to inspect many factories I had close look in existing process they are well behind from modern concept. I saw how they are starving with modern textile processing skill. This made my mind for higher education, pursuing that I decided to study MSc. in textile engineering.

I would like to apply for master's Degree in wet processing technology in china as my current job, education background above all my passion. During my final year 2nd project I came to know about practical working condition of Bangladesh. They are taking more time, using more utilities in trams of production than modern textile processing. During my job at The Green Project WST Ltd. I do audit many factories and found how far they are from sustainable and accountable production. They are really starving for modern technology. To change the Scenarios we need to cope up with modern Technological knowledge. This caught my attention and creates a thirst of knowledge in me to study my chosen course. I would like to work for sustainable and environment friendly textile production. Therefore I would like to gain deeper knowledge theoretical and practical knowledge. From the web site of WTU I came to know the modern curricular, Advance syllabus, Lab facilities, Distinguish professor and Excellent academic background of WTU. Pursuing MSc. In China I will try my best to come up everything I needed to help the professor and university colleagues ran the research and exploring new doors of textile. After my MSc. I believe I will able to bring something to the society.

I consider myself as responsible, competitive and socially active person. Always keep a keen view to reality of life and approach positively. It feels wonderful meeting great people belonging different background and culture. I have a strong desire to refine my knowledge and use it as a tool to betterment of the society.

Chinese economy is already the world's largest and its still growing.it has been the world's fastest growing country for the past 30 years, even during financial crisis Chinese economic growth has maintained of 8%. China's growth has made it obvious that people who can speak Chinese and have firsthand experience of living in china will have a great advantages. Employers are well aware that a deep understanding of Chinese culture and its market growth is a big plus for those who want to become the world's next generation's leader. China is likely to be part of my future. Studying china will be a huge step in my academic career and also one of the best steps will be taken by me outside my comfort zone. Chinese degree programs are highly revered. The academic qualifications awarded by Chinese universities are recognized by most developed countries. Chinese's universities attach great importance to good school spirit. In many universities a good school spirit is embodied by Diligence, Hard works, Strictness, Realism, Pioneering, Innovation and Originality.
Lynn88Mr 1 / 16 8  
Mar 7, 2016   #2
Hi Shehad. Before I comment on your article, can you state any requirement that the scholarship want in your study plan? Because it seems to me that your are mainly listing out every subject that you have learnt when in fact your transcript has already filled with the details. Try to describe more on your research projects and the works that you have in the first paragraph and how it leads you to choose your master's degree major. Start talking on your detail study plan on the second paragraph and what you hope to achieve in every semester. Maybe you can make one paragraph for each semester's plan. This is my general idea as I do not know the required points for the study plan of this scholarship.

I believe there is a lot to improve on your grammar and sentence construction. Try to re-read and revise back your sentences. I realized you tend to make long sentences in your essay and longer sentences would invite more grammar mistake. Try to use simple sentences if you are weak in English. It will take a bit of time for me to read again and improving your grammar. I will try to post another message with the correction after you provide the requirement of the scholarship for your study plan. Good luck!
justivy03 - / 2,366 607  
Mar 7, 2016   #3
HI Shehad, as I read your essay, I must say that you have a well written one. You made sure that the facts you stated in the essay is realistic and attainable at your level. Moreover, you know the facts and you have made your research.

For a little revision, please find below;

- I would like to apply for master's Degree in wet processing technology in china as my current job, education background above all my passion.

( I believe the sentence above is quiet off for the rest of the essay, I suggest the following ) Education, above all, is my passion and this is one of the reasons I would like to pursue my masters in wet processing technology in China.

There you have it Shehad, as I mentioned, the overall assessment of the essay is good and well written. I hope you create more writing and for future writing reference, mind the words that you put into your essay and proof read it, this helps eliminate the unnecessary phrases you have and you will see it first hand. I hope this helps!

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