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Writing Task 2: Capital City Problems

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Nov 16, 2018   #1

government's participation in the development of a big city

Problems in the capital cities arise along with rising newcomer to the country. There are many opinions about the important or not for government takes proceeding such open a transmigration to the developing areas, which I will discuss now.

Increasing unemployment occurs throughout uncontrolling urbanization in the city which is equipped by public facilities completely. The difficulty of gain employment, or life guarantee such as healthy and education in the small village which far behind from major city, it becomes the main reason of rural people choosing life in the city. There are many people compete in looking for a job in the big city and have an impact on eliminating an incompetent people until becomes unemployment. For instance, In Jakarta full of the vagrant who sometimes singing on the road, begging, or committing a crime to stay alive. Finally, the small village and metropolitan get bad impact such as the Villages become more unproductive, and many social negative issues are experienced by the urban community.

Considering causes and effects of the criminality cases on downtown which require authority consideration. If the unemployment case cannot be solved from there, the poverty goes up and triggers the criminalization. For example, Criminal cases in Jakarta are higher than backcountry such as stealing, mugging, even the robbery in the elite area with straick guarding can still exist. Sooner or later life in the capital city not profitable if the problems that arise are not resolved.

Respond on this topic, I support the government to transmit incapable people to return to their hometown, and expert people to promote developing in the rural town. It was the ways to leveling the people distribution in all region and promote the progress of the underdeveloped region. On the other hand, the government must guaranty them to gain a job, health assurance, education assurance and other.

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Nov 22, 2018   #2
The absence of original topic makes it harder for people to judge your work.

rising number of newcomers
... opinions about whether it is important or not for the government to take....

Increasing unemployment occurs ...: This sentence is incomprehensible. Consider breaking down your mega sentence.

criminality cases is more natural and popular. Search by google to see how popular a particular expression is by putting it inside double quotes. For example:

yields only 676 results. Chances are it was not a proper expression.
Not being natives gives us no choice but to resort to Google to validate our crafted expressions.
Good luck!

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