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I am a 23-year-old English teacher from Termez - demonstrating myself for KGSP

Feb 14, 2017   #1
Your course of life, your view of life, study background, your hopes & wishes, etc
o Your education and work experience, etc., in relation to the KGSP program
o Your motivations for applying for this program
o Reason for study in Korea

Letter of self-introduction for KGSP

I am Sabokhat Normurodova, a 23-year-old English teacher from Termez, the most southern part of Uzbekistan. I was born and grown up in an educated family that gives me the priority to be always encouraged and motivated to study. In spite of the fact that my father is an engineer he has always loved languages, literature and art. That's why he inspired me to learn foreign languages and literature all the time. With the encouragement of my father I did English and Russian well at school. Later I attended a boarding school which is specialized to English language for three years. After completing secondary education I chose to continue learning languages again. During the three-year-study at academic lyceum I was taught English and French languages. My interest in linguistics has been gradually developed in these years and I applied to Termez State University, an only higher institution in my hometown and was accepted successfully. During the studies subjects concerning to methodology of teaching languages attracted me more and I developed strong passion for teaching. Besides, while I was studying at university I taught English to the little children of my neighbours in my free time. And at those times I realized that I enjoy doing this job. Learning another language demands hard work and devotion from a child, however it became my goal to make this statement easy, fun and enjoyable.

As it is obvious, a language has several aspects, such as grammatical and lexical aspect, reading, listening, speaking and writing. Through my undergraduate studies the latter one appealed to me and I decided to learn more deeply how to teach writing skills in English. When I was in the first and second years of study I published a number of articles, theses with my tutor Mrs Shakhnoza Kayumova on how to acquire and teach writing skills in easy and effective ways. In the last years of my study assessment of writing skills particularly captured my attention and I found that evaluating properly writing skills and written works of students is as important as teaching it. My undergraduate thesis, entitled "Assessment in writing course of B1 level: challenges and solutions" achieved 87 scores. At that time I set a goal to continue this field of teaching English in master's studies.

I am currently working as an English teacher at school. Although the experience which I am gaining at present time is irreplaceable, I am certain studying in master's and conducting a research will expand my knowledge and will give me an opportunity to be a leading specialist in my field.

The reason why I have chosen South Korea to study is that nowadays this country is becoming extremely popular all over the world. As a socially advanced and technology developed country it has been attracting me for many years. Furthermore, in South Korea education is taken very seriously, particularly higher education. In my country the interest in Korean, Japanese and Chinese education has been gradually developed in recent years whereas many years ago western education was considered to be effective. However, today we are trying to learn from the experience and education system of the most developed Asian countries, like South Korea. Besides, despite the fact that South Korea is a very competitive country, I am sure foreign applicants are never underestimated and ignored. Another reason is my curiosity towards Korean culture. I have always found Korean dramas, music and language the most interesting and enjoyable. I am certain exploring them in South Korean area will give me great impression.

To reach my goals and make my wishes true, KGSP comes into the picture. I am actually sure that south Korea is a perfect place for me to sharpen my knowledge and to help me to be an intellectually competent personnel.

Feb 15, 2017   #2
I was born and grown up---> I grew up
that gives me the priority to be always encouraged and motivated to study---> Where my family's number one priority is education.
Consider inserting a comma after engineer and literature in your first paragraph to separate the elements.
After your first introductory phrase insert a comma after the word father,
Which Special in teaching English language
Add a comma after lyceum
Gradually developed in these years--> was gradually shaped throughout these years.
Add a full stop after years.
"I applied to Termez State University, a higher institution in my hometown, and was accepted successfully."
This sentence is not clear
During the studies subjects concerning to methodology of teaching, languages attracted me more and I developed strong passion for teaching.
Nitivat 1  
Feb 16, 2017   #3
I am no expert but I hope I could help.

I think you can expand certain part a bit. Like, in what way that the education in South Korea (which is not an english speaking country) can help with your major which relate to english language. How South Korea excel in this area.

You can also shorten your second paragraph to the end by a bit, or make it more interesting.
(...Korea education is taken very seriously... / ...interest in korean education has been gradually developed... / ...trying to learn from the experience and education system of south korea... >> kinda same thing here)
Holt [Contributor] 1505  
Feb 16, 2017   #4
Sabokhat, you need to connect the interests that you have with your point of view about life. How did these interests help you to see life in a particular manner? Did this point of view that you developed help to create the interest in teaching and linguistics that you have today and wish to pursue as a masters degree graduate? These are the questions that the point of view about life has to present about you. It is not clearly reflected, if at all, in your current version.

I do not see any reference to your hopes and wishes for the future. Please write a statement about that, no matter how brief. It gives the reviewer an idea as to why this course of study is of the utmost importance to you and also, provides an overview of what your post study plans might be.

You mention being a published author. In order to make the reviewer believe that, you have to mention the title, publication, and publication dates for your articles. Claims such as those to not carry any relevance to your application if the information cannot be verified. It is imperative that you allow the reviewer the chance to qualify your claim in relation to your application. Otherwise, that will be a disregarded piece of information.

Your work experience is too brief. That should be the longest part of this essay in relation to your desire to gain a KGSP scholarship. As Nic said, Korea is not an English language country. Neither are the classes taught in English. So how can you expect studying in Korea to help you become more proficient in the field of English in relation to your linguistic interests?

Finally, you do not need that very short paragraph at the end of the essay. It lessens the strong message that you could have left the reviewer with had you ended the essay with the 4th paragraph instead. I suggest that you consider removing the current 5th paragraph altogether.
OP essayforum17  
Feb 16, 2017   #5
thank you so much for your feedback. yes, as you said i didn't write anything about my view of life and my hopes, my wishes. i was going to write my plans about studying in statement of purpose. And i didnt want to mention the names, dates of publications, because i thought they are mentioned in appliction form. Do i have to write detailed about them?
Holt [Contributor] 1505  
Feb 16, 2017   #6
Sabokhat, you do not have the chance to write a statement of purpose for the KGSP scholarship. The only chance that you have to mention all of the impressive information about yourself is in the Letter of Self-Introduction. There are only 3 essays which you have to write for the application.The other two essays are you Study Goals and Post Study Plan, those do not offer you the opportunity to state the purpose of your application anymore. Sadly, there is no Statement of Purpose for the KGSP scholarship applicants.

The suggested topics for discussion in the letter include an opportunity for you to detail information that would normally be stated in a statement of purpose. So you should be greatly detailed with regards to your academic accomplishments, work experience, and, as in your case, your publication opportunities. These will help the reviewer to better assess your qualifications, both academic and professional, with regards to your application. For as long as you do not go over the one page requirement, you should include as much professional information as you can in the letter. This is your one chance to ensure that you present all of the positive points of your traits as a potential masters degree student. So make sure that you use it as best as you can.

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