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How to choose your job - presentation

quocdat2010 1 / -  
Apr 21, 2017   #1

How to make a good decision when choosing a profession

Good evening, Ladies and gentlemen

Were are all members of the Storm team.
Today, we will talk about a topic: How to choose your job

As all you know, the job is very important in our life. I think choosing the job is extremely important decision. Because it effects to your success and happiness in the future.

So, how to choose your job? A job you love or a job your the parents suggest or a job makes you will become rich? It's not an easy decision, right? Now, I will share you some options:

The first thing is basing on your passion
When you do what you love, you always feel happy and full of energy. You will hard work and develop yourself the best. Because you focus on them, you spend all time and your mind for working. Consequently you will be successful.

The second thing is basing on what you do best
First of all, you have to wonder yourself: what things do you do best? You can try your best in this job in the future. That's right. If you can answer all above questions, you will make the best decision.

The third thing is basing on your opportunities after you graduating.
If you study a hot major, you will be easy to get a good job after graduating. You will have a good salary.

Finally, never give up and always learning
To be successful, you can fail many times. But you should try your best, stand up to reach your goal. You can learn many things about your failure. So, you must be persistent.

Besides that you always have to learn to increase your knowledge and skills. You will be successful.

It leads to the conclusion. Follow your dream, do what you love and patience. Stay hungry stay foolish.

Thank you for paying attention.
I would be happy to answer your questions.
okorobiadimma14 6 / 82 50  
Apr 21, 2017   #2
Nguyen, your current draft is way far from what a speech should be. A speech starts with a brief introduction of the topic in question. The next paragraphs would then discuss the ideas in the introduction and followed by the concluding remark. However, it is important, based on your poor background of English Grammar, that you first avail yourself of materials that will help you to learn the use of English Language. This is because even if you get the right format of speech writing from here, you will still need to improve your English grammar so as to draft a compelling speech. Right now, you have to engage in constant practice of grammatical structures in English while trying your hand in speech writing skills.

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