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Class Office Speech (strange high school traditions)

Apr 10, 2009   #1
My speech references some strange high school traditions we have. My high school has a large variety of people, and being a white girl who does not participate in any sports, I am unsure how to appeal to a different demographic. Any advice would be wonderful.

Hi, my name is Kate and I'm running for Senior Class Office. After being secretary sophomore year and vice president this year, I have an excellent handle on how student government at KHS operates and the hard work it takes to create successful events. This year, we decorated a beast of a hallway, managed to pull off an intricate theme, and won the award of Class with the Overall Best Hallway. I was extremely impressed by all of you who came together to create something so wonderful and memorable. The other class officers and I have also spent a lot of time planning prom. I encourage all juniors to attend a "Midnight in Paris." It will be a fun and meaningful send off for all our senior friends. Then...its toga day! Get out your bed sheets seniors! (Yeah that's us!)

Like Toga Day, I would love to continue creating great events and fundraisers for the senior class. Next year we have quite a list of duties: welcoming the freshman, the senior skit and hallway, pre-graduation events, and the most anticipated senior prank. That's right, start thinking about that now, 2010. By the way, we're going to have to be on the same page for our chant...ten...twenty ten? Whatever. We'll work on it.

However, I understand some of you aren't very interested or involved in school activities, and many of you already feel done with high school. I understand, and just as much as I'm telling you, I'm telling myself: just stick with it. As much work as senior year is with higher level classes and college decisions, we deserve to have fun. We've earned it.

As a freshman, I admired the senior team captains who were announced during the pep rally, the head editors of the Call and the Pioneer, the top musicians in the band and orchestra, the All-state choir members, the pom and cheerleading captains, the leads in the musical, and the officers of clubs and teams. I know I'm not all of these things, but now we have the opportunity to be the people we looked up to. So next year we deserve to celebrate our success. We can set a standard for the underclassmen and hopefully that little freshman will see you and think "I want to be that when I'm a senior." And with that, I think we'll have left a pretty big mark at KHS representing the class of 2010. To achieve all this, I am willing to put in my hard work , so we can all have fun while we're all do our own thing together. Thanks again.

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Apr 11, 2009   #2
Then...it's toga day!

and the most-anticipated senior prank.

You write very well, and you do not seem preachy or offensive in any way. It's great! I think you could appeal to various cliques and demographics by mentioning a few key names -- names of kids with whose accomplishments and contributions many other kids can identify. Know what I mean?

Write sentences that would get you excited if you were the reader. The best way to do that is to mention names, teams, clubs, classes -- anything that makes kids say, "Hey, this is about the (team, club, class) that I am in!" That get people excited.

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