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Who are the clinical students, devils or angels?

Lauren nee 1 / -  
Nov 10, 2014   #1
Good morning,ladies and gentlemen!My name is Lauren from Jiangnan University.And now I'm a junior student majored in clinical medicine in Suchow University as an exchange student.Today,my topic is,who are the clinical students,devils or angels?

Three days ago,a friend of mine reprint a log to me online and left the words "so cruel!"For curiosity,I opened it and found it's all about the photos of medical experiments,including the anatomy.The writer even uses the 'devil' as it's title to describe clinical students.This log grasped ubiquitous attention from the public and aroused strong repercussions on the social networks.And the comments,I disappointed found that it's full of accusation and abusive words against us.Some even post fierce words to express their fear and anger.In their eyes,our white coat were painted in black.We are devils who were in contempt for life and trampled the dignity of the dead.Is that true? No,and we are just demonized.The only reason for us to use animals as experimental subjects in vivo is that we have to observe the process for the research needs,not for fun.Only through large quantities of experiments,we can have a deep understanding of the basic knowledge and master the operation skills.Only in this way,the path to be a doctor can be started.Only in this way, we can save lives.

I still remember the motivation urges us to study diligently and assiduously,to finish the tiny and boring work,to give up making merry is the dream to become a doctor,the soldier and guardian of life.This brief inspires us to get through hundreds of days and nights.I still remember the heartquake of watching doctors fight for lives during the sleepless night,the sorrow and regret expressed on their face for the loss of patients,the happiness and pride for healing the wounded and rescuing the dying in my apprentice's hospital.I still remember the moment I stepped into the hallowed medical institution,I pledged solemnly that I would volunteered myself to medicine with loyalty to the people,I were determined to strive diligently to uphold the chasteness and honor of medicine,I would work all my lifetime for the development of the nation's medical enterprise as well as mankind's physical and mental health.This is not exaggeration or something.The doctor is a tough profession.Choose to be a doctor means that we are barely have the weekend,means that we will always late for our friends' parties,means that we will have less spare time to accompany our families and even don't have to make a phone call to our parents.But,it's all worth if we can save lives.And that's the thing that why we get a very beautiful name, 'Angels in white!'

So, that question hits on me ,devils and angels,who are we then?We are neither devils nor angels.These only exist the description from mass media and imagination of general public.Niccolo Machiavelli once said, 'everyone sees what you appear to be,few really know what you are.' But who knows us best? I believe the answer is ourselves.First we are human ,then we are medical students and future doctors.We may also feel stressed and exhausted of the boring and hard study,we also complain about the endless examinations,we also have ever thought about giving up and even changing our major.But,think about our dreams at the very first beginning.Think about the smile on the face when patients are crued,think about their grateful and hopeful eyes.That is the thing that urges us to stick in the heavy study.That is the thing that push us forward.That is the thing that makes our life.So who are we? My answer is we are ourselves.We ought to do what clinical students need to do,what doctors need to do.

That's all! Thanks for listening.Thank you.
Lauren Nee
liliyaah 2 / 3  
Nov 12, 2014   #2
For curiosity,I opened it and found it's all about the photos of medical experiments,including the anatomy.

For curiosity, I opened it and found out it was the photos of medical experiments,including the anatomy.

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