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Raineph 1 / -  
Aug 24, 2021   #1

What is this pandemic?

When the covid 19 Pandemic broke out in 2020 and still lasted in 2021, all of us never want to remember but cannot forget the infinite loss and pain we have suffered from. However, is covid 19 really bad for the world?

According to statistics, throughout the pandemic, when many countries enact the social distancing law, the carbon dioxide racking up in the atmosphere decreased 17% than before the Pandemic, although it soon edited that the number is only 5%. But it is worth noting that, the number of wild animals incredibly increased. The reason is in the pandemic, people do, or force to cutting back their outside activities like industry, travels, business,...and then, cities quieter, and less traffics than before, which reduces the rate of crossing - hitting (by car) animals. Amazingly, there're more and more species, especially endangered ones, appear in seas, forests, places that they haven't been there before. That's phenomenal! The pandemic is one of the worst disasters with Humans, but frankly speaking, it seems that it's a heaven for others.

It was not by accident that the Covid 19 broke out. Some say that it was laboratory material leaking, others insist that because of illegal wild animals trade,... But those share one point: Being made by humans. When the environment becomes better, many opinions appear. The extremists said that it's the end for humans. Anthropologists insist that mention in environment and species is nonsense because we should focus on how to fight with Covid. That's right! Preventing and Minimizing the bad effect of covid 19 is the most necessary thing we must do. But what we should do then when it ends? Going on a daily routine before the pandemic: traveling, transportation, industry activities,...?

The pandemic brings too much pain and loss, but is it a natural Purge? What if it's salvation? May it is a chance Mother Nature gives us to continue the human existence that the choice we choose when the pandemic end: go on destroying environment activities or do something to save our life.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 12,703 4121  
Aug 27, 2021   #2
Covid 19 is considered a proper noun as it refers to an identifiable illness. Make sure to capitalize all mentions of this word. there are 3 instances of improper writing of the noun in this essay. In all sentence structures, only one punctuation mark should be used at the end. Pick one. Use the correct emotional punctuation mark based on what you wish to express with your voice. When referring to the wild life trade, decide if you are referring to the singular, plural, or possessive form of the word, use the correct apostrophe once you have made that decision. Do not capitalize non-noun words in a sentence. That is a proof reading error. Review the speech for incorrect helping verb usage. Basically, the speech needs more editing and proofreading for clarity. These suggestions should help you get started with cleaning up the presentation.