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Deciding on a subject for my Informative Speech

kvcc 1 / -  
Sep 28, 2009   #1
I have to write an informative speech for my required public speaking class

I thought I would kill two birds with one stone and write something related to what I've been reading for my International politics class as sources for my speech. I feel like I could become more familiar with the my reading by trying to explain it. I also have a 40% midterm coming up in that class, so I could use all the studying I can get. What I would really like to do would be to explain political realism and present some contrasting points of view on the idea. I was thinking about comparing Mearsheimer and Waltz to Tickner and Wendt.

I ran the idea by my professor and he told me it would be too boring. A staement with which I partially agree.Im not sure how well it would compete against subjects like Michael Jordans early years and the difficulties associated with caring for horses. I was hoping for some ideas on how I could make it more interesting and relevant. Ive mostly been looking for a good current event I could relate its principles to, but Im also not sure if that would really be enough and I havent found anything

While looking for something more exciting, I also had the idea to do an article on the definiton, strategy, and effectiveness of terrorism, however, I don't really know where I want to go with that and any help would be appreciated. right now Im looking "Inside Terrorism" by Bruce Hoffman and "The Coercive Logic of Suicide terroism" by Robert Pape I need to have three souces and cannot find another to complement those.

I also have to sum up whatever I want to do into a 4-5 minute speech and remember it all.
Notoman 20 / 419  
Sep 29, 2009   #2
Personally, I know nothing about the political theories. I am a kid who likes to learn, but I gotta tell ya, my interest wasn't piqued with that brief introduction. I can see where you would want to double dip, but the subject seems like it wouldn't really fit the speech assignment.

Terrorism, on the other hand, could potentially be a very interesting topic. History is my favorite subject. The American Revolutionaries used means that could be defined as terrorist tactics. If you do tackle the subject of terrorism, I would avoid talking just about terrorism directed at the United States and its allies today, but terrorism in a more general sense. You might even want to leave people thinking of terrorism as something that is not black and white. Or ... guerrilla warfare could be another interesting topic. See how I am? I spit out things that would be interesting to ME. Do keep in mind your audience when you are deciding on a subject though.

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