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A speech to be dictated soon (a new branch of the existing consultancy)

Hi friends,

This is a speech soon to be dictated for the commencement of a new branch of the existing consultancy. Please help me with grammers, sentence usage, all sorts of corrections to make it effective

thank you

As a team of highly motivated and experienced professionals in the field of education,
IEC has been providing quality services to students wishing to further their education
abroad and has been helping them succeed in earning a good living.

Since its establishment in 2007 BC, IEC has been working with its main branch
office located at New Baneshwor on the way to Sankhamul and within the short
span of its establishment it has garnered significant success. The demands have grown.

To meet the growing needs and demands of our customers, we are now proud to
announce the commencement of our new branch which will be located in new baneshwor
about 200 m away from the main office.

The new branch will house classes, computer labs, individual counselling labs
waiting rooms, libraries, to meet the physical needs and demands of our students.

(some description of the facilities the new branch will house)

As of now, we have been successful in sending our students to countries including
the US, UK, Australia, Switzerland, Canada and Ireland at the same time have been providing consultations to students who wish to study abroad in EU countries including Cyprus, Poland, Hungary

Malta belgium france denmark and India.

With a vision of making our services available to places inside and outside the nation
we have already opened brances in India and seek to expand our services to even more counties
Soon, we will be tieing up with the __________________in the UK

Similarly we are collaborating with some co operatives and financial
sectors and operate an agency to provide education loans for needy students.

IES has been providing test prep classes for IELTS, GRE, GMAT through our qualified lecturers who are
native english speakers. In addition, we have been provided language classes in english, french, german, japanese and different computer classes.

In addition to that, we have also been providing visa preparation classes, instruction
on obtaining proper documentation, opportunities for choosing institutions and forwarding
applicants, pre-departure information, and, sometimes, airport pick up and
arrangement of accomodations.

The IEC has recently expanded its services to include engineering and medical
preparation classes taught by qualified professionals, two new preparation classes,
and nursing entrance classes.

On a timely basis, we have hosted college exhibitions and direct spot admission facilities.
Through these programs, students are able to meet representatives and acqure
much information. For those interested in pursuing nursing in the UK, Canada,
and USA healthcare fields, we are able to provide respective consultation

Most importantly, for students seeking undergraduate, graduate, or post-graduate degrees abroad,
after choosing affordable colleges and universities, our primary focus is on fast admission, successful
documentation fast track offer letters, scholarships, and internships.

To meet the growing needs and demands of our customers, We are ... the main office.

Here is an unnecessarily capitalized w.

'timely basis'--- in not correct, but I see that Yayz provided a solution. Notice also the misspellings she corrected and that a period is necessary at the end of this sentence:

In a timely basis, we have provided college...

Please make the corrections suggested by Yayz and post a new draft. That way, we can search for any errors that you still may have.

Thanks, Maria, for all the time you spent here!
The demands have grown.

Can you be more specific with this sentence?

I'm tempted to answer provide suggestions for that.

Canada and Ireland at the same time have been providing consultations

Ireland and at the
Ireland. At the same time we have also


we have been providing? language


Do you mean applications?

Is a comma missing here?---...successful documentation fast track offer letters, scholarships, and internships.--- what does the red part mean?

Could it be an "of" or "for"? ...yeah, depends on what it means.

This is definitely pretty great! You've composed quite a speech =)

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