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Dystopia RAFT assign. Speech writing

EunJeong 2 / 2  
Nov 19, 2012   #1
My assignment criteria is

ENG 4U: Dystopias RAFT assignment
In this assignment you will show your understanding of the elements of the dystopian genre which we have been studying. Choose ONE of the rows from the grid below to complete this creative writing assignment.

I choose,

Role: A person who has escaped from a dystopian society
Audience: The people of the outside world
Format: A speech
Topic: Explaining what life was like inside the dystopian society

Continue the criteria...

Remember, whichever role your purpose is to show your understanding of the genre. Be sure to make it clear which of the types of control are being used in your dystopian world and which parts of our society are coming under criticism.

Whichever role you choose, the assignment should be approximately two pages double spaced. It will be marked on the following rubric.

-Student uses the chosen format effectively and creatively to communicate the dystopian situation they have created.
-Conventions of spelling and grammar are used correctly.

-Writing demonstrates an ability to understand and apply the conventions of the dystopian genre, including the different characteristics, types of controls, and role of the protagonist

-understands and applies the purpose of writing in the dystopian genre.

And I choose the movie 'cloud atlas' as my distopian world. I am writing on sonmi 451's point of view.
Sonmi 451 is clone in the future society. So please read and help me!!

Here's speech.

As I would not be a slave, so I would not be a master. This expresses my idea of democracy. Whatever differs from this, to the extent of the difference, is no democracy. This said by Abraham Lincoln who is often referred to as 'The Great Emancipator', shows what ideology people have agreed for the world; everyone deserve equal status. Being a Papa Song restaurant server since I was born, I know how different fabricants' daily life to yours, 'pureblood', and how ghastly that is. I worked 19 hours a day and had no other life. Since the Papa Song is dominating chain restaurant over the world, there are lots of servers are still working. As I claim that it is terrible life to live we should start to think about this horrible system. Today, I will talk about how this slavery system is indifferent from the slavery that was before which a lot of people fought for including Abraham Lincoln, as well as why we should fight against this new slavery again.

Slavery and segregation have been with human history but clone slaves and segregations have just started making profits for companies over the last few decades. Consolidation of the genome technology with the corporations created us, human clone, and managed to degrade our status by modifying the definition of our existence. Corporations manipulated people to believe this absurd ideology; clones differ from human, by mixture of advertisement propaganda with consumerism to gain power to build Corpocracy government. This Corpocracy government claims that there are equal opportunities and equal status for everyone to deserve anything they want as long as they pay for. But, basically, we are already excluded. All the plausible justifications in propaganda made us slave. Even for the real people, which the government calls, there are huge gab and difference between rich and poor customers. Corpocracy government is theoretically utopia but practically has slavery and segregations just like ancient government had. Even the people on top suffers from reckless and confused mental states. We are all victims in this unanimity.

The world we are living now is disordered and getting chaotic than ever before because of transformed slavery and segregations to fulfill corporations to construct Corpocacy.

Especially segregation of the clone, which is called Fabricant is the worst case of human atrocity that is for maintaining Corpocracy by using us in every way possible without the pang of conscience. We works for various forms of slaves such as prostitutes, servers and any manual job. We are exercised for cosmetic and medical experiments. Our body is utilized for medical, food and protein energy resources. Corpocracy is literally merciless on us. Although I was not the worst case of Fabricant, my life was the horror itself. I had no free will and manipulated to devote all my physical and mental energy to the PaPa Song restaurant. We sang a catechism song to be hypnotized and drank soap that is made from other Fabricant to feed and erase our mind, free will. Managers and customers are allowed to destroy us whenever they needed. I was only doll or robot that is only made of protein that exists to be subordinated. I had a friend who showed me a fairy tale book when everyone were sleeping. I started to think that my life is not right and there must be something, something that I know now, happiness of freedom. My friend was killed by the manager because she punched customer's face when the customer did sexual harassment to her. It made me sad and angry which I never felt before. She taught me hope, feelings and made me think. She opened the door for me to change. Now I have a spirit and own motives just like you. I shall not be consumed or used like objects. Nothing can buy my freedom. Although the Corpocracy claims that Fabricants can not be qualified same as Pureblood because we are not scientifically sacred, I do have everything you have; feelings, desires, hopes and dreams. I think so that I have a right to pursuit my freedom no matter who I am and how or where I am come from. I longs for the future, future that there are no more Fabricant or Pureblood and any atrocity.

Corpocracy is the evil that creates chaos and atrocity in our world to the extreme point.

I talked about how Corpocracy government controls by deceiving our world and implemented segregations and slavery and ghastly truth under the shadow of their lies.

Within the past few decades, corporations has taken control over the world by consumerism. Consolidation with genome technology, it got even powerful by using clone for its profit. Corporations gained absolute power and constructed Corpocracy. Corpocracy forced impossible unanimity and the ideology of using clone like objects to control the world. The segregation brought chaos and the merciless inhumanity on us is indifferent from ancient slavery. Knowing the suffering of clones, Fabricant, and understanding our existences and awareness really helps to build the world that does not inverses virtues that is you should not play with the life although you have the technologies to do it. We should stop consumerism for segregating us and no one should be consumed.

I want you to open your blind eyes, break the consumerism and wake up to think about what you are seeing and happening is really what. If more people would do this, our bright future is not future anymore. Please let my and my friend's hopes come true.

Thank you!! assignment due is till wed!! please help me!

dumi 1 / 6,928 1592  
Dec 13, 2012   #2
"As I would not be a slave, so I would not be a master. This expresses my idea of democracy. Whatever differs from this, to the extent of the difference, is no democracy".

.... I inserted punctuation.

This said by Abraham Lincoln who is often referred to as 'The Great Emancipator', shows what ideology people have agreed for the world;

-- ----- ----- I feel some thing odd here : (
My suggestion;
...., said Abraham Lincoln who is often referred to as "the Great Emancipator". This shows what ideology people have agreed for the world;

Being a Papa Song restaurant server since I was born

... since your birth? what do mean by this?

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