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English language status in your country and note making for students good academics performance

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Jan 14, 2015   #1
I am trying to improve my discuss/explain skills. While trying these are what I came up with. Any review/suggestion/how to improve/error?

Topic: explain the reason for the high status the English language has enjoyed in your country.
In this era of globalisation, where most parts of the world use English as a medium of communication and international relationship. My country like every other countries do not want to be left out of this rapid globalisation and transformation. My country wants to have a say in the world global market where English is widely regarded.

In conclusion, English has been enjoying high status in my country because it is our adopted language and it well regarded through the world.

Topic: note making/taking is a prerequisite for a good academics performance of students in tertiary institution.
Human brain is capable of holding slightest information but when information are not noted it becomes waste. In a tertiary institution atmosphere where lecturers dictate information, students end up assimilating little of the information being passed. Making note would give the students the opportunity to discover information that were mistakenly omitted by the lecturer or the ones they missed while the lecturer was dictating.

Making note gives opportunity to better review, further review and create a better atmosphere for study.

-E. Adeyemi
vangiespen - / 4,137 1449  
Jan 15, 2015   #2
In your first response, open with the fact that English is the adopted language of your country and as such, has made it the default language of the business community. An explanation of the history of the English language in your country, a brief explanation, would also help establish the historical reasons as to why English is a popular language in your country. Close the statement by reiterating that English is the global business language so it is only follows that your country would push for the same in their own business community. That will close the deal regarding the popularity of English in your country. The second response, has a number of grammatical errors that need to be corrected but works because the reasons that you gave for the importance of note taking by students truly holds water. So work on improving your second statement response. Revising the method by which you present your answer should help you clean up the grammar problems that currently exist. The first one works well already.

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