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Important things in our life. Text for presentation.

fuyufydtydt 1 / -  
Dec 4, 2017   #1

about life priorities

Everyone has his own priorities. For someone, the main things in life are family and health; for another one-a social status or career. I decided to tell about three things that are important for me.

The first thing I'd like to tell you about is vocation. In my opinion, finding your vocation is a key to happiness for every person. We not only get pleasure from the process of work, but also find our place in life, feel useful, necessary and important. The calling carries the vital forces in itself and fills our life with a sense, treat the spleen, monotony, anxiety and insecurities we feel living and not knowing our life purpose. Everyone is born with certain abilities and only tireless work on yourself gives you an opportunity to succeed, realize yourself and even change the world.

Now I'm just studying, but I really enjoyed programming. Maybe it is really my thing. I dream that I'll ever say "my job is my hobby". Despite the fact that such a dream takes a lot of effort, I will still try.

The second thing is love. For me true love is the work on myself for the sake of another person. This is the reason why love can make us better. It has a great influence on our lives and can radically change it. Perhaps this is what made me the person I am now. Perhaps this is what taught me to sacrifice something for someone and show unselfishness. This is what changed my interests and expanded my view on the world, because I was trying to learn the depth of another personality. Love is our strength and our weakness. On the one hand, it can overcome any difficulties. On the other hand, we open our hearts, so it becomes very easy to hurt or break them. However, love is a gift, a source of inspiration, an opportunity to feel an incredible range of sensations.

Finally, let's talk about friends. Gregory Skovoroda said that friendship is a source of joy and peace of mind. Loneliness helped me to appreciate the value of friendship to the fullest extent. A person needs someone to understand him or her, someone to share her or his happiness and grief, new ideas and own views, someone who can support in difficult situations. Everybody knows that it's often easier to overcome difficulties together. My own experience shows that a friend can regain confidence and inspire you to achieve new highs. A human cannot live without a human. Every person needs a social realization.

Find yourself!
Work on yourself!
Love what you! Do what you love!
Love with all your heart and don't afraid to be abandoned!
Make friends!
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,535 3447  
Dec 5, 2017   #2
Jane, the opening presentation needs more work. It does not really make me care about what you have to say because you are not offering me a reason to listen to your speech. Try to create a short story at the start, a memory from your childhood perhaps, that embodies the 3 values that you will be discussing. Then introduce the value that you learned in that tale that you told and tell the listener that you will be explaining how that story and the values tie into the package of life elements that are most important to you.

Each explanation that you give has a sanitized sense to it. It feels too textbook because of the way that some definitions seem to have come out of a dictionary or a news article. Try to find various situations in your own life that depict the importance of this value in an everyday application. People don't really care about the spleen, monotony, or anxiety unless you can put it into a context that they can understand and relate to in their own lives.

Who is Gregory Skovoroda? When you make reference to a person that may be popular in your home country, or a book author, you must mention the book he wrote so that people can look him up on their own. That is, in case they found your talk really interesting and the quote that you used, inspiring.

Again, each time you reference a "personal experience", you will have to narrate the situation to illustrate your meaning. Additionally, the term is "don't be afraid to BE abandoned."

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