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International day of happiness

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Mar 8, 2019   #1

International Day of Happiness presentation

I'm doing a presentation on the International Day of Happiness
And I decided my central idea would be: the International Day of Happiness- not only a day to be happy but a day to raise awareness of the importance of happiness in life.

So I divided my presentation into two main points. (MP)
MP1: a day to be happy
Talk about what activities people doing on this day. What to do. How to celebrate it.
MP2: a day to raise awareness of the importance of happiness in life
Discuss about the importance of happiness in life. How is being happy important?
Impact on health
Make people nicer, kinder...
Increases productivity

First: I want to ask: do you think my central idea is good. What is a good topic to choose about this day to give a presentation ?

Second: I have no idea what to say to support my two main points because my teacher told me my outline for the presentation is bad and need to dig deeper to support main points

Please help!!!
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Mar 9, 2019   #2
The main topics you have chosen sound alright. The discussion points you have chosen are good. However, those are only preliminary brainstorming ideas and not actual discussion outlines. To create the discussion outline you need to know what your main topic will be, what the sub-topics are, and what discussion points may be used to illustrate the sub-topics. I do not have a copy of the outline that you made so I cannot judge whether or not it was a bad presentation. I also have no idea how you can improve upon the discussion points because of the lack of outlined presentation. I can suggest the following though:

1. Explain the history of A Day To Be Happy. How it came about and why it is important
2. Describe how it has been celebrated over time. How has it changed? Have the celebrations helped to improve happiness for society?
3. What do people think about the event being celebrated? Why?

Those 3 topics should help you develop other sub-topics for your presentation. You do need to delve deeper into the discussion but like I said, without a copy of the outline, I am unsure as to how to help you.
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Mar 9, 2019   #3
Here is my outline (sorry for that!!!)

topic: International day of happiness
general purpose: to inform
specific purpose: at the end of the presentation, audience will understand the essence of the day, why people celebrate it globally
central idea/thesis statement: the international day of happiness is not only the day to be happy but also the day to raise awareness of the importance of happiness in life

attention getting
mention of thesis statement
history of the day: founder, how it is celebrated through over time,
give a brief definition of the word "happy"
main points:
* a day to be happy
what to do on this day? how to celebrate it?
- do whatever makes you happy
-spread happiness
-organize events
-interview your partners to know what makes them happy and do the things they mention
-sleep well, eat healthy,.....
* a day to raise awareness of the importance of happiness in life
discuss the importance of happiness
-impact on health
-people being nicer kinder
-increase productivity
*tips, secret to be happy

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