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The key quality for being a hero is.... (you wouldn't believe it!) :)

Bobovikisan 3 / 4 1  
Oct 31, 2017   #1

The key quality for being a hero is.... (Discuss)

A hero may be depicted to be brave, courageous and overwhelmingly bold. But all these magnificent qualities are under the ark of one word... Empathy is one of the major qualities of a being hero. For a hero to help people, they must be empathetic. Understanding the situation, can provide what the victim needs. Empathy is a world-renowned word that brings people together, an empathetic person can change anyone. Empathy is understanding which is the first step to action.

Whether it's Rosa Parks fighting for the rights of African Americans or Save the Children, giving a child a home these people are all heroes, using their empathy and acting upon it. Rosa Parks understood the struggles of African Americans. Having been African American herself, she saw the segregation and acted upon it, by refusing to give her seat to a white American. Save the Children showed not only empathy, but compassion, that lead to the founding of this helpful foundation. A hero helps people and that's what these people have done. Empathy opens one's mind to reality of the things going on in life which brings people together as a community.

A hero is naturally empathetic towards the community. To be empathetic is inspirational to others creating a community of understanding. Anyone can be a hero by spreading the idea of understanding. Whether its understanding each other's differences, cultures, abilities and strengths, empathy allows people to understand the best in a person. Gandhi is responsible for world renowned peace between nations. He is global hero that has used empathy to reason with the British Empire. Empathy is used by the all-out brave and courageous Superman saving the world.

Empathy takes into the consideration of all the other qualities a hero needs. According to an article from "Brain knows better" Superman uses empathy to relax an entire city. Superman is courageous, bold, kind and understanding. "And on my soul, I swear: Until my dreams become a reality we all share, I'll never stop fighting." Superman isn't even from Earth, yet he shows empathy more than the average human in our world! Although, Superman is a fictional character, he is a hero that thousands of children admire. Sometimes the best action to take is to do nothing, that believe it or not, is also being empathetic, like leaving someone for a minute of silence on Anzac Day. It's not just because of his all his super qualities that Superman is a hero, but because of his empathy, that makes him such a lovable character.

Being empathetic is one of the most important qualities for becoming a hero. Empathy reunites societies because it forms an understanding. Just one person being empathetic can change a community. Empathy brings all the qualities a hero needs into one. It opens people's eyes to possibility for change. Empathy can influence anyone and is in a necessity to our huge and expanding world. To be a hero, empathy is a quality they can't live without.

Thanks a lot for reading! :) Please give any helpful feedback, that would be appreciated. Did I persuade you? List any persuasive prompts below.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,535 3447  
Oct 31, 2017   #2
Bobovikisan, I think that the strength of your essay was at the very start when you were talking about real life heroes who stood up to the man and won. Who started supporting a cause, and made a change. When Ghandi put his life on the line to bring peace to two warring nations. That is where the hero in all of us resides and that is why your essay was so strong. The minute you shifted to the comic book character, the essay lost steam. Mostly because Superman is a fictional character who is going to be whoever his writers want to be at the time. He can be a hero, he can be a foe. If I were to present this essay, I would Superman at the top and use that reference to build up steam towards the real life heroes instead. That would be more persuasive, it would reach a wider audience immediately, and you would end on the most influential and historical tone possible.

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