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Need pointers for a persuasive speech in getting a patron for life

Hello there,

I am new here and found this site just a few days ago, registered myself today.

I was given a scenario in class, whereby I are in a reality show that will reward me with a patron for life. This patron will support me in all me plans to achieve me Ideal Job.

Theu task is to
"PERSUADE yor audience HOW and WHY you are suitable for that Ideal Job. Remember, you have to persuade your audience that you are the best candidate to receive a patron for life. "

The main point for the speech is to persuade the audiences to be my patron for Life, and to do that, we will tie that in with our "Ideal job or career" and our ideologies.

My Ideal Career is a family and child therapist that deals particularly with gender, which parallels with the issue I feel strongly for, gender variance and transgenderism. In my speech, I will include general information on the issue, the lack of awareness of the issue in my country, why gender variant children or adults need help and how my career will be of help to them.

Now I am not sure on how to structure my speech, should I include my personalities and characters in the speech as to show more credibility so that the audience will be more inclined to be my patron for life?


Jun 6, 2009   #2
What an interesting premise for a speech!

First, I think, you will need to engage the audience's sympathy, perhaps by means of the story of a child similar to those you would like to help. Next, you will need to demonstrate, by means of some credibly sourced facts, that this is not an uncommon condition and that there are ways that a therapist can be useful. Only after doing those things should you put yourself forward as someone who is apt for that job, explaining why.
Jun 6, 2009   #3
Once you have outlined the job description, though, and caught the reader's attention with an interesting anecdote, you should definitely mention any aspects of your personality that you think make you particularly suited to the job. Just make sure to tie everything you say back to the job. So, for instance, if you were going to say that you are a very generous person, you would need to explain how generosity is a useful trait for a family therapist who will be dealing with gender variant children.
Jun 10, 2009   #4
Thanks for the replies!

So far, my structure for the speech would be
-very short story of a child
-bring out the term "gender therapist"
-explain what is "gender" and "gender variant"
-why do we need a therapist in our country (lack of support & etc)
-how a therapist is useful
-why I am suited for the job

I am stuck at the personality part though. Do you think taking in account of "prior experience with gender-variant people" would be a good one to replace personality, if I cannot think out of any?

Jun 10, 2009   #5
Good strategy, although I would explain "gender" and "gender variant" before bringing out the term "gender therapist."
Jun 10, 2009   #6
Prior experience in a field is always a good thing to mention when trying to get a job, so sure, that would work.

And Simone is right. You need to explain "gender" before you explain the compound terms that build on it, if you want the essay to flow smoothly.

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