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Presentation on Pepsi advert speech

Vaughany100 2 / -  
Nov 26, 2008   #1

"Examine and analyse a piece of sports media. Utilizing themes and content from the course, deconstruct and critically analyse the impact of your choice on the audience."

I have to do a presentation/speech on the above - i was hoping that somebody could provide some assistance. The themes/concepts that I will talk about are National Identity, Globalisation (local/global) and celbrity endorsement and will use a Pepsi commercial that was used at the 2006 World Cup featuring Beckham, Roberto Carlos, Nesta, Lampard. Ive been advised to do a (sociological) figurational approach to deconstructing the advert but not sure how to go about this? Any help would be much obliged!

EF_Team5 - / 1,586  
Nov 27, 2008   #2
Good evening :)

Your post is seeking course specific answers, and as such my free assistance will be very limited because your question refers to very specific source material out of my area of expertise that only you and other members of your class can access. The solution to this problem might be to seek paid professional writing support, or alternatively, you can contact your instructor, classmates, academic advisor, or media center specialist for assistance in locating materials and/or study groups on-campus that can help you complete this assignment.

Once you have the assignment completed, I can help you edit for grammar and mechanics.

I wish you luck.

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