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A speech about the pressing problem in many countries - ROAD ACCIDENTS

delanfee 1 / -  
Jan 18, 2021   #1
This is the first time I have posted up something on this page. I will take part in the English Speaking Contest, so I'm here to ask for help! Thank you for your reading

Traffic incidents

This presentation will discuss road accidents included: causes and measures
- Causes:
+ Violation of traffic rules
+ Distractions
+ Weather conditions
- Solutions:
+ Yearly driving test
+ Promoting citizens' awareness
+ Avoiding distractions

Road accidents are big concerns in many countries. According to the Vietnamese Ministry of Transport, in 2020, there were more than 14000 road accidents and they killed 6700 people. In this presentation, I will discuss the causes of this vital issue and suggest some solutions that should be taken to deal with this.

There are numerous factors behind road accidents. The first reason worth mentioning is the lack of understanding and violations of traffic rules such as over - speeding, not using helmets or drunk driving and so on. It is very common to see someone cross a red light or park in restricted areas. That makes the road accidents be on the increase. For example, drinking alcohol makes drivers lose the ability to concentrate and quickly react to situations on the roads. It causes many difficulties for them to operate their vehicles. I think this is the reason why drunk driving is considered as the major factor behind road accidents although this can be easily avoided. One of the reasons is due to distracted driving. It is very dangerous because it takes drivers' attention away from driving. For example, electronic moving pictures that are placed around important intersections or mobile phones may make them neglect and cause serious accidents. Another reason for this is the bad weather conditions such as rain and fog. They will make the roads become slippery and hinder the drivers' eyesight.

I would like to suggest some measures that can prevent road accidents. Firstly, people should take driving tests regularly. By having a yearly driving test, each driver would be updated with all driving regulations and their physical condition would also be checked as a part of the test. The second solution is for the government to promote citizens' awareness about traffic rules and the importance of road safety. Thirdly, more CCTV cameras should be installed on roads to catch and penalize violators. Furthermore, I think each driver must obey the traffic rules by being careful while crossing the roads, using helmets and so on. They should always give attention while driving, avoid loud music and using mobile phones.

In conclusion, road accidents result in deaths, injuries and disabilities and bring negative impacts on the economic growth not only in Viet Nam but also in other parts of the world. In my opinion, the detrimental consequences they bring can be reduced if the government and each driver take effective measures. I call for you to take every action from right now in order to save our life from road accidents.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,364 3367  
Jan 19, 2021   #2
You cannot open a speech with an outline of the topics you will be discussing. You should have an introductory paragraph first that will introduce the main topic, then summarize the various discussion points you will be presenting, that would be the outline form that you have now. The speech itself is too abrupt when it comes to transitioning from paragraph to paragraph. Try to use a transition sentence from one topic to another, that is merge the current discussion with a presentation introducing your next paragraph topic to help ease the listener into the next part and also, allow for a clean introduction of the next topic without losing your listener. Don't close a speech with "In conclusion". That is such a memorized phrase, go for something more interesting such as, "All things considered" or "Analyzing these points brings us to only one result..." Use a more interesting and original way to signal the end of the speech. Some, do not signal at all. They simply stand quiet for a moment at the end. If you do not speak, the listener knows the speech is over.

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